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My fiancee has just won us a weekend in ibiza which has to be taken before the end of may, so we're looking at the last weekend ish, just wondered those of you who are there year round what the island is like then, im usually about in june or september.
Well, the last weekend of May is usually the big Space opening weekend :idea:
Lots of people will roll into town for that weekend. I don't think it'll resemble the off-season at all.
I used to do a week @ end of May a lot, but the weather is unpredictable so moved to June! That being said, if it is sunny it gets hot (the sun is 4 weeks shy of being at it's highest point) and sea-temperatures are 21-23c which is swimmable. Hotel swimming pools tend to be a touch warmer. Evenings are mild and not as muggy/humid as in midsummer.

Bars/clubs etc are on the quiet side, which has it's advantages of getting a drink in!

Basically, apart from the warmer sea/pool temps, it's like the south coast of England in July. Take sun-lotion AND a brolly!!
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