Mariam Apartments San Antonio


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Me and my other half have booked the Mariam for 2 weeks Sept 1st-15th. Has anybody stayed here before and got any good/bad points about the place?. All the reviews ive read seem to be good, its a small budget twentys hotel but alot of the reviews say its stict at night times over noise, which is why I booked it to be honest. Cant be assed with partys above and below us when you tryin to get ya head down after a full night of clubbing
Its the Marian I think you mean. Yes I have stayed there a few times. Had a mad reputation there once for its "24 hour open bar". Has calmed down a lot in recent years with the new laws on noise pollution and as its in a residential area all noise has to stop by midnight.

Big pool, soccer and squash courts there also. The bar stays open as long as you want too. Rooms are Basic, but clean. Well managed by a local family.
Nice one mate...think we made a decent choice on these apartments for the price we got! Roll on 2010!