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All set to fly out for a week on Saturday,we were meant to be staying in Piscis Park in San Antonio. Got an email this afternoon saying Piscis Park had gone into administration so the hotel will not open on time! We've been given alternative accomodation in Marco Polo ll. I know they're not far from each other but was just wondering are they basically the same standard?
PP gone into administration ? That's odd,just looked at GPS site and it shows no availability until 15th may, from then they will accept bookings.

The first alternative they offer is Marco Polo, similar price range I guess, so got to be similar standard, can't be worse than Piscis Park though ! Good luck !
i have check a few sites and still taking bookings.when do you go anyway.they could be up to old tricks by taking a few bookings.knowing the hotel will not be full on them dates.and putting you somewhere esle.
Would be interesting to know who EV-P booked with, because:"gone into administration, not open on time" does'nt make sense :confused:
could be the company she as booked with.but if its still open they would still put her in first hotel.we will not know untill she pops back on site.mine you it does really need to shut.end of the day this is a very basic hotel.not even a hotel.the food i would not feed to a cat or a dog.stayed there way back in 1999 got half my money back.spent most of that on good food and buying a very good door lock.we used to put the beds up to the stop anyone getting could easy climb from one room to another.

wished i was on my own back hotel to stay in.but really run down
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You make it sound like fun !

What ever the situation,this is certainly one of the rare occasions when people booked with this company get told in advance that they won't be staying where they have chosen !!
This was the important bit of the email I recieved:

We regret to inform you that the hotel reservation that you have booked[Piscis Park Hotel Ibiza Island] has gone into administration and is delayed opening of the hotel. . We have found alternative accommodation for you at:
Avda de Portmany s/n, 07820 - San Antonio de Portmany

Thanx for all the help folks. I booked it through ebookers,who I generally find reliable. Was booked around the first week of April and we were was due to stay from this Saturday 9th for a week. Administration and delayed opening in the same sentence did have me wondering a bit too! Maybe they are just a week behind schedule and they open May 15th? I'll be sure to keep an eye out to see if it opens before I leave. Will keep you updated if I hear anything.
Just back from my week in the Marco Polo,it was basic but can't complain. Weather was great apart from Wednesday being a bit rainy,and Thursday night's thunderstorm! A thunderstorm in Ibiza beats rainy Dublin any day!

Piscis Park seemed to have a few workmen coming and going but it certainly wasn't open by Saturday night,and didn't look all that close to being ready for opening.

On a semi-related note,I was in Linekers bar on Saturday watching the football and overheard Duane Lineker telling some guy they had bought Club Extasis,the one underneath Piscis Park. Anyone hear anything about this? Looked like they were busy working away in there all week.