Marco Polo I Hotel


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Im just wondering if anyone can confirm this hotel is open for the whole of may as I have got a very good deal on a half board stay for 30 nights on another website but know some hotels are shut in may and dont want to book and be told it isnt open.
Thanks for any help
Well, not being funny but if you can book it, then surely it must be open?!?! :eek:
The hotel is nice too, we stayed in Marco Polo II & I liked it better - the restaurant in is this one but they are litterally over the road from each other.

Only thing was rooms are tiny but depend if you're in there much. There were 3 girls & the beds were litterally side by side & I felt caustaphobic (sp) & getting ready was a nightmare, if 2 of you, then you should be fine.
Me and a few friends booked to stay in the Monterrey last May for a week until we moved into our villa and that was shut when we got there.. we just got relocated to a different hotel.
Personally I would just wait until June to go & hit all the decent opening parties!

Not even sure if & when I'm gonna make it there this year! Got 2 weddings, one in Manhatten & one in Vegas - how rude? :cry:

Sure I can find a few hundred from somewhere.....MUMMY!!!