Lucky lucky men???



All of the holidays i have been on (salou, lorret de mar, magaluff) there has always been lucky lucky men ( the black guys selling dodgy watches and drugs) as i have never been to ibiza before i was wondering if there was any there???

tons and tons and tons...all over the a plague ignore them is the best course of action
god they r sooooooo annoyin. Cant they fly back 2 lucky lucky land?
PPPPppppsssssstttttttt......Del Boy....Looky Looky! I give you special price, just for you, no problem! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :D
well lucky lucky or looky looky they should stil giv it up and go bak 2 looky looky land!
Chase said:
The "looky looky" special price, was not so special after all.

:lol: These guys crack me up. The first summer when I stayed in San An I avoided them for the first few days and then decided to start up a conversation one day. They're not that bad once you chat with them for a bit. After that they never bothered me with any more sunglasses, watches, etc...
Haha the lookie lookie men are hilarious, and feckin annoying too! Last year we blagged their heads proper when we asked one for a made-up drug called 'yellow'. The guy sed 'noooooo I dont have any yellow, but I have weed/E/charlie/phets etcc' and we said 'no mate we want yellow, its massive in england and its the best stuff ever!' and the lookie lookie bloke went round asking all his mates and they were shaking their heads, was funny as! Another funny moment was when one bloke was pestering us, and one of his mates from behind shouted at the top of his voice 'BUY ONE GET ONE FREEEEE'! Was so funny, think it was the way that he said it more than anything!

The lookie lookie women are a biach, one got me and my mate Sig last year and started tying this stupid hair thing round our fingers and said blessings from africa and all that bollox, then tried to charge us both €20 for the privilage! We obviously told em where to go, they went nuts so i gave em a €1 coin and Sig gave em a cigarette lighter then we ran off lol! :lol: Right pain in the @rse they are though because they hassle you even more than the men!
totally agree with you there, the men are mad and hillarious and have a laugh but the women are just pests and would sell a lot more if they was more like the men
pie said:
So what does Lucky, Lucky or Lookie Lookie mean in their terms?

They’re just called that because that’s what they say when they’re trying to get your attention
hehe....they are gonna getthown out of Ibiza, as the new major I believe, id fed up with´em - back to lookie Lookie land! haha