lucifer closing party!!


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the afterhour lucifer will close its doors on may 25th (next sunday) with sergi, nano vergell and other local djs :!:

no news yet about their plans for the summer. it opened briefly last summer (when it was owned by a manager of amnesia) with the name freek but it was always empty and it didnt work as well as in winter!! :rolleyes:


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Shit... I wanted to go to the closing of Lucifer... Last year was great!!! But I'll be one day late... :cry: :cry:
· wednesdays and saturdays: fiesta do brasil (brazilian night)
· thursdays: la noche árabe (arabian night)
· fridays: la noche más caliente (featuring the secret garden girls :eek:)
during the winter months café latino will be open on friday and saturday nights!! :D

apparently on saturday and sunday mornings (from 7am) it will be open as an afterhours - like
last winter!! 8)

is small, 3 bars and a vip area upstairs.
un summer it didnt work and they changed it into a latin music
every winter it works good as an after hours, from 7 am to 14:00
i think.
the people is the same that goes to pacha in winter.
i think someone is wrong in the main page of ibiza spotlight ...
lucifer doesnt open as cafe latino on weekend nights.
it was open as cafe latino in the summer nights.
not it is house , the nights and the mornings