looking for fellow travelers to team up with


matt B

I'm 23 from Leeds and just finishing uni. Off to Ibiza at the end of May beginning of June. any fellow travelers who are also by them self want to get in touch. I also need to find out about cheap appartments for the first week until i've got a job. Any help would be great. :D
Hey man, I'm in exactly the same boat as you. Unfotunately I aint got a clue where to find out about apartments etc, but if you find out then post a reply to help me out??!!! Cheers bud 8)
i think we hide this type of useful information too well for the most part. it's only occasionally that our secret entry codes are cracked and somebody actually strays onto the main site. obviously a university education doesn't equip one for this arduous task in this day and age - good luck with your job and accommodation hunt.

Me too, just graduated and want to head to ibiza for the summer.

Am currently in Madrid until the beginning of June and plan to head out soon afterwards.

It'll be my first season so I don't know about the accommodation or work situation firsthand but I've been well briefed and have also partied in ibiza before, it canny be that hard eh?

Give us a shout

Hi Matt B,

My name is Olav , 32 years and from Holland. Vissiting the island for the thirth time, but for the first time to work. Im arriving at the island on the second of june, so maybe we can meet.