Looking for certain restaurant between Privelege and Amnesia


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The restaurant situated near Privelege and Amnesia on the mail road - what is it called??? - it´s just by the road when you drive by on your right hand side, on your way to Ibiza town. Its biult of large stones and looks kind of expensive...tell me someone, and let me know if there is a homepage! :p
Dos lunas, its very expensive, and its relation between quality and price its not so good, altough the place is very beautiful
stephen said:
ibiza girlie. do you not remember asking this question not so long ago?


i got the impression that she never reads my posts!! :cry:


McJokin :p
yes I do remember, but it wasnt the one I was looking for. MAYBE i schould have mentioned that I asked bofore and that none of you provided the correct info....so I´ll keep on trying.
In that area

anyone been to the Elephante? - I heard it was ok but didn't look that special when I found it during the day
yeah i been there, lovely setting in side and outside. Its french cusine. I didn't enjoy it because of that reason.
Ive been to Elephante twice and like it. It is expensive as Ibiza goes but when your coming from London, its not bad at all.
If your going, try and get a table out on the terrace.