Lookin for a Steve Lawleresque cd mix....any ideas??

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Ok - bought a lot of music this summer (cd not vinyl) and the only genre that I can't seem to pin down is an album containing a lot of the darker stuff from Ibiza this year. (already got DC10 which is a different sort of sound)

Funky house albums are 10 a penny and easy to pick up - especially with a lot of the summer sounds on them...........however what i really want is to replicate a Steve Lawler 2003 set on my home system and i can't find any stuff anywhere that has ONE tune on it from this year.

If anyboyd listened to Steve Lawler play at Pure Pacha for Renaissance or heard him inside Space recently for a darker set - then you know the tunes i am after. (superman etc.)

Any offers anybody?? Or am i too early to get this kind of stuf on a mix cd? Or is there a Steve Lawler dj album on the way??

Hope to hear from you dj's soon.
m :rolleyes:
i might have a Lawleresque mix avaliable soon :confused:

Lights Out 2 mixed by Steve Lawler is released in October
Lawler was on Seb Fontaines radio show on Saturday and he admitted Lights out 2 is full of records he was playing at the start of the year. Said he's going to dig them back out now and start playing them again to help album sales.
he listed a few on his own messageboard - not many well publicised tunes - only a couple i knew well

apparently Lights Out 2 will be different to the first one - more like a normal set from Steve
Thanks guys thats cool - but will it be stuff from the beginning of the year.....or from this summer???

There are a few specific tracks that i am after and not being a collector of vinyl i have no idea of what they are - except that they were being caned in Ibiza - in particular by monsieur Lawler. Heard a few of the same tracks inside space at the La Troya carry on....was quite hard.

and macdonsi - you burning your mix onto a cd? may be interested in that.
its on Soulseek just now (username - macdonsj)

might look into using webspace to put a regular one up.

i know that UN 7 - RRR will be on the new cd and he's been playing that at least since May

even if the tracks are from earlier this year - the good thing is that the majority of them will not have had much exposure anyway
yeah i guess....i was thinking that a lot of the good stuff from this summer would be hard for us mere mortals to get hold of right now.

Steve Lawler is coming to Denmark on the 20th of Sept, so I guess I am still gonna get an inch of the Ibiza vibe then 8)
Ibiza-girlie said:
Steve Lawler is coming to Denmark on the 20th of Sept, so I guess I am still gonna get an inch of the Ibiza vibe then 8)

ooooh you must be a happy camper eh.. see summer isnt over yet :p
naaah guess not!!! but would love for some more trance to be going on as well!!! they shut down the regular wednesday club! no places to get drunk on a week day now!!!