Long rental (1month) house Ibiza Sep-Oct


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Hi there,

We are thinking to take a break with my wife and little kid (2years old) from Amsterdam to the White Island from mid-september till mid October.

I have started to do some research, the plan is to stay somewhere quiet (area around cala carbo would be perfect) -2/3 bedrooms place (so friends or grand parents can spend fews days as well). Nothing crazy fancy, we don't really care about the pool for example

So I had a nice tchat with Joan from Spotlight, facebook group like ibiza winter resident, old contact from Airbnb or one friends of me living in Ibiza...
Results haven't been great so far, price are just extremely expensive and the quality very low, our budget is around 3-4k Euro for one month but it sounds not really possible.

If you have any advices for my research please let me know.
(Maybe be my budget is just way toooo low I don't know, I thought with 4000 euros we could get something acceptable for a full month)

Maybe I have to find someone interested to exchange houses haha

I'd assume the problem is you want a long-holiday rental during summer period still. So I'd assume anything nice will be rented for the summer season and probably not available for 1 month. And Ibiza rent is VERY expensive anyway.
I've looked into this before and simply used google search for long-term rentals; however never actually used one yet (really just for research at this stage)so can't comment on how good/poor the sites are. But they are there and there are some good deals which should be within your range, after all it isn't high season then! Good luck and tell us how you got on.
We are staying for 27 nights and will be spending just over E2,500 on 2-3 star self-cater hotels. These a 1-bedrooms with a small kitchenette and (maybe) a nice balcony with sea view.

I can imagine that a month-long villa rental, 2-3 bedroom, is going to cost a pretty penny. Most will probably want 2,500 per week.
Is it important that you are there while the clubs are still open? If not I imagine you could spend a lot less by saving yourself until April/May.
Some people offered me 1000€/week at this period for my apartment,2 bedrooms in Portinatx.
2000/3000€ à month in Cala Carbo for a house sounds impossible to me...