London Property Prices

...............if thats crap you can always swap with a 2 bed terrace. in - seriously - the nicest road in it's South Manchester suburb of ......... Levenshulme
Nice house but....Worlsey = Salford.

My second trip to Ibiza, night before - car got broken into in Worlsey with tickets, passports, money - everything nicked! Got there in the end, but scarred for life!

Rafa Benitez' gaff. It's not the one that the site shows, it's the one to left - the massive sandstone ish thing. Known locally as the monstrosity on the hill!
Phil Neville's dining room:

I would have nightmares whit that ceiling and that fabric on the chairs :lol:
Where is the "less is more"???
Phil Neville's dining room:



I'm good friends with Gary Neville's architect. Apparantly he knows what he is doing & has reasonable taste - although she swears that the story of scouse builders putting an LFC shirst under the pool is not true!

His brother however....sold the above house complete with the gates:

hopefully buying a 1 bed flat in 2010 - is there anywhere in town that will sell for under 200K these days?