Let's get ready to rhumba!


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yesterday i packed away my pipe and slippers, finished mowing the lawn, it was sunday after all, and headed down to cala jondal to the tropicana chiringuito. as usual there was a nice samba/rhumba/salsa band playing and then a troup of brazilian dancers drummers turned up and gave a fabulous display.


after them it was irrestible for the crowd to join them on the dancefloor!
later we headed back to take the dog for a walk and found that our local bar the soleluna had a live percussionist/vibraphone player providing some jazzy cool tunes as the sun slipped down. then we popped up to the kiosko and had pizzas and rosado wine (as recommended by big chief spotlight himself) and when we returned towards midnight ( just before i turn back into a frog) our vibes player had turned into an italian rapper.
absurd? yes, but then it's ibiza isn't it?