Lee Cabrera "Shake It" with Vocals ?!!

mrs. d.

New Member
It's on the essential mix now...

Anyone heard this before?
Is it a mash up?

Whooo... I can't decide -- just as with 77 Strings / How Did U Know... First time I heard it -- I was all "ouch" -- now it seems natural.
This one though -- hmmm... Any opinions?
I currently don't like it as much -- takes away the overwhelming buzz potential from it.
However, it might have "riding in the taxi, getting giddy" potential.
completely f***ing unnecessary...why insert a pointles vocal? A folly of Cosmos' Take Me with You vocal proportions
The only version with Vocals I heard of Lee Cabrera's "Shake It" is from Praxis' "Turn Me Out" featuring Kathy Brown, and I don't know if this is the version you are all referring to, but in my opinion its is fantastic, if its not the one you've heard, check it out.