Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story



I really want to know what everyone thinks. In ibiza everyone was talking about this song and my roomate loves it

I think it is absolute garbage!!!
hate to disagree there my friend. heard it for the first time in ibiza in june and it broke my heart :-]

i have grown a bit blase about it now, having heard it a few too many times recently but it is a wonderful piece of production and is certainly in my top 20 choons. that bit when the womans voice kicks in never fails to make me go all wobbly............
I dont think its as good as everyone makes out

But its still good

this song reminds me so much of ibiza especially @ mambo @ the sunset, this song is really good 8)

tinkerbell ;)

defo a massive tune, an anthem of the summer. every time i hear it, it brings me right back to manumission....this tune rocks!!!!!
chewie_oo7 said:
Robo said:
It was good when it first came out but like all good tracks it way over played.


agree with ya 200%....


theres this tune that has been underground for so long......

let me think....the dj only had it on whitlabel promo...

E samba i think it was called? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)

hope it doesnt become overplayed :lol: