Late night food


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Or should I say early morning ... im going all inclusive but was wondering how much things like pizza, burgers, chips all cost from outlets in san antonio after the clubs? trying to work out how much oney to take down for little things like that.

any prices would help :D
On all inclusive eh! Always looking towards the next meal.
Can't you wait till breakfast? mid morning donuts and stuff!
Or you gonna be snoozin' :twisted:

ps. what neilly said.
latenight meals are all in the mind after drinking.a packet of peanuts will help you till morning.then look forward to your breakfast.half the time you leave most of your supper or spill it.a very good evening meal of pasta ect should fill you up till morning.or if you really need food late at night.make a few sandwiches up at evening meal to eat when you get a few £
We were eating breakfast at koppas down by the taxi rank in san an every morning when we got back (around 8am) which came to about €13 for the two of is for a spanish omlette and a mug of tea each.