last september



does anybody on the board remember at the begining of last september at about 1 am the mary y vent hotel was blazing and some one got ressustated by a paramadic

the Mar Y Vent is just before cafe savvannah on the road thatleads down to it it literaly about 1 min walk away .

there was loads of people there watching maybe some peeps that live on the island and use this board remember it ????????????????????

just wondering if it ever got in a paper my mate wa sok he survived and was out again the next night i had my shoulder dislocated where they pulled me out the fire.

it was a saturday night so thought we would go to the westend then go home for an early night unfrortunatley we all got so wasted and my mate fell asleep with a spliff.

room 201b
I was there then, did not know about a fire at the Mar Y Vent. What date was it?