Lashes Pre Party at Coastline (18 June)


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Anyone know if anything actually happened at this event ? (advertised 18th June) . . . . .it was due to kick off at 4 but I had to leave just after 5 to catch my flight home. Was there any action ? . .

Lost of lads had turned up for a butchers at Jordan and the bar was taking some seriosu cash but no sign of any red haired djs or tunes being soun during my time there . . .

On a positive side there were some serious model material ladies by the pool, but as i was on my honeymoon I wasn't looking ;)

I went down there about 9ish (when she was due to start djing) and not a peep. In fact, all there was was some urban music (not really hard house pre-party material) and i just sat by the pool having 3 or 4 vodka redbulls waiting for my mate to return from an escapades pub crawl (shudder).

Still, she kicked ass in eden and jordan was just getting in her way as far as i could see

u go?
Sounds familiar, DJ's not turning up to pre-parties, often they just do it to pull in the punters.

Jordan = very sad
Na, but I'm sure its well funy!!

I can't stand the way she flits about thinking she knows everyone and all the DJs and hangs around the DJ box, they all laugh at her anyway.

She used to quite fit, but she looks like a tit now and has ruined herself.
I thought she was absolutely gorgeous before she got all that work done. Now she just looks like a joke.

A match made in heaven - shabby, very shabby.
hey guys!! (im back)

yeah i went to lashed,didnt go to pre party tho
it was BANGIN' :D

as far as i could see jordan was just fanning people with records and generally gettin in the way!!

was a wkd night tho