Las Dalias 2019


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This year marks the 65th anniversary of Las Dalias. To celebrate it, this unique venue in San Carlos has renewed its gastronomic proposal and its garden and will be filled with art and music throughout the summer.

For starters, its famous road bar has been refurbished and renamed as Las Dalias Café, which will open tomorrow (march 28th) at 7pm with an innovative menu and a surprising new interior design. The rest of gastronomic spaces have also been transformed to show a new version of its garden and its main restaurant, as well as its Sky, Juice area, Pizzeria, Soulbar, Lajaima and The Van.


In the framework of an artistic project led by international graffiti artists Boa Mistura, the facades of Las Dalias will be covered of joy and colour to send messages of love and optimism in the form of a giant mural. This cultural action can be visited during its creation process from april 1st to 17th.

Las Dalias has joined the food trucks trend with its own Street Food Festival, a series of gastronomic events where food on wheels, fun and culture comes together. There's been three events already during the winter and the next one will be on april 21st.

From june to september, the Night Market will come alive every monday and tuesday evening, hosting the legendary hippy market that is held every saturday of the year during the day. In july and august, the Night Market will also take place every sunday from 7pm.


Musically, this is what they got in store this summer:
  • Namaste, which celebrates its 22nd anniversary, every wednesday
  • live music by Orishas, Babasónicos, Hilight Tribe, La Mari (Chambao), Miguel Campello (El Bicho), Juanito Makandé, Muchachito, Rapsusklei, SFDK, Johnny Ousborne, etc
  • unmissable events such as the Rototom Festival and Ibiza Reggae Yard will be back, along with new ones to be announced
  • and last but not least, Las Dalias will join the Woodstock 50th anniversary celebrations with a day to commemorate peace, love and music


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I hope there is some event(s) there in late-May. We went to Namaste multiple nights on the last trip, but it does not kick up again until June.


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The same people from Namaste (World Family, Dj Eva Pacifico and others) are doing events at L'amorigen in Cala Nova every Winter - Saturday from 22.00 ish. The party is called People. Pretty much the same music and people but a slightly different vibe since it's mostly indoors. However in may...they could use the outside terras. If you like Namaste, you'll like People. You can find event info on Facebook from L'Amorigen Cala Nova.


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Gracias! I got interested in Cala Nova last month when someone here posted a documentary about the campsite.

I will definitely check it out.


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Las Dalias honors Woodstock, the festival of the festivals. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, 17 local musicians and two stages will pay homage to the great bands that participated in the summer of 1969, including tributes to Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix among others, during more than 7 hours of live music.

The legendary Las Dalias room will host an exhibition of original photographs by Woodstock's official photographer Baron Wolman. In addition, festival attendees can enjoy documentary screenings related to the most legendary festival in the world. There will also be recreational areas, such as kids area, mercadillo hippy or the well-known food trucks that will provide food throughout the day.

Rock music will be present all day long in the different areas of Las Dalias, not only for the concerts but also for the DJs invited to play Woodstock music throughout the venue.

Wednesday 1st of may
From 12h to 00h
Free parking and entry



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hmmm. after monterey but before isle of wight and altamont.
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hmmm. after monterey but before isle of wight and altamont.

altamont was almost a metaphor for the end of the 60s - bad acid, psychotic hell's angels, horrible scenes. I think Jagger described it as his worst nightmare. i saw the monterey documentary last year here - Hendrix is magnificent.
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this might be as close to woodstock as you get this summer - the official woodstock 50 in woodstock is in serious financial trouble and might not go ahead


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Ethereal expands into Ethereal Festival at Las Dalias
Sunday 19 May, 2019 from 18:00 until late
Free entrance between 18:00 and 20:00 then €10 after 20:00

After its incredible success at Nagai, the next edition of Ethereal broadens its artistic horizons even further. For its fourth date this season on Sunday 19 May 2019, the pioneering party morphs into Ethereal Festival and takes over the iconic Las Dalias, the original and first club on the island. After a complete makeover, the legendary venue welcomes the original party concept that is dedicated to culture in all its nuances.

This edition of Ethereal will as always be dedicated to art, music and video installations. With three external stages and an inside space, 70 artists of all types, including DJs, exhibitors and performers, will be presenting their artistic creations. These include Iwo Gospodinov, Ana Maria Turea, Tai Iglesias, Victor Spinelli, Marco Cecioni, Chloe Natalia Kidel, Dara Nemethova, Sara Fenix Farag, Fabio Masetto, Megan San Andres, Marco Ferraris, Daniela Toffolet, Ivanna Bini, Philippa Love, Marina Valerio, Olga Nerina Lateano, Nadine Cree, Elisa Draghi, Leila Peretto, Celene Colpank, Nitiagati Amarada, Freyana Amarada and Maira Miramar.

Besides art exhibits throughout the event, live performances will turn into DJ sets as the day turns into night, as well as video mapping inside the venue after dark. The line-up brings in an exceptional collection of artists once again. Ethereal favourites, resident DJs and live acts joined by some international guests creating a magical soundtrack to match the enchanting surroundings.

Putting on DJ sets, Austrian sensation DJ and producer Megablast will deliver his exceptional take on house music, a unique blend of world music, dub, techno and electronic, that has gained him global recognition. Also on the line-up are many Ethereal favourites such as Gusto, Gustin, Hinnise Sanra and residents, Maricha and her inimitable fusion of her own live vocals, deep house, afro-house, downtempo and chill-rave also known as “intelligent dance” and Edoardo Marvaso.

For the live sets, the awe-inspiring Medusa Odyssey will be in once again, as well as Chelu Garcià, Davide Garra and the breathtakingly talented live singer Caroline Cohen.

With outstanding musical, visual and kinaesthetic artists, the admired party continues to widen the doors of perception by reconnecting to the authentic spirit of Ibiza and providing a candid space where both guests and artistes can express their originality and creative visions.

The ideal backdrop for this creative party, the picturesque Las Dalias turns 65 this year, calling for even more of a celebration. With its inimitable look, it provides the perfect space for the artistic exhibits, interactive experiences and imaginative decor of Ethereal Festival.

Food Trucks will offer various cuisines to keep you going until late. .

The event runs from 18:00 until late on Sunday 19 May. Pull out your most original selves and outfits, get there early and enjoy the authentic spirit of Ibiza.


Created by Vito Masci - the mind behind established promotion group Ibiza People Dance Culture –Ethereal slams open the doors of perception via musical and visual arts. With its notable artists and DJs, the party makes an artistic contribution and adds social-cultural significance beyond entertainment. Calling attention to social and cultural causes, Ethereal has established itself as one of Ibiza’s most alternative and creative parties, while presenting some of the best electronic music and diverse artists currently on the scene.

The refreshing Ethereal provides an alternative voice to the current direction of the island. In line with its absolute freedom of expression, the inspiring party invites guests to let loose by sporting their most creative or outrageous outfits, as was once the norm on Ibiza or in the spirit of Burning Man in the U.S.

Removed from commercialism, Ethereal espouses its love for music and art via riveting performances by both emerging and recognised artists, international and local DJs and artists who embody the ethos of the party. Guests of all ages are championed to free their minds and let go of their identities, in contrast to the system and rigid societal expectations.

Encouraging full freedom of expression, the party welcomes everyone.