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For my birthday, the lovely wife has paid for the three of us to go here for a week at the end of Oct. Staying in Playa Blanca, never been before, anyone been? any tips? do's, don'ts?

Thanks 8)
Everyone's too busy discussing racism and Bruce Forsyth!

Erm.... I do believe there is a volcano there which is worth trekking up. Might be a bit tough with a youngun but I'm sure you can get a cable car up or something.

Don't quote me on that though, that might be Tenerife :lol:

Edit: Nope I am right it is Lanzarote!

Looks cool too. And you can ride a camel up to the top!
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can we lock this thread please, because everytime I see someone has posted on it I get excited that there is some useful info on here...................................................

Then inevitably i'm disappointed!! :evil:;)
I was there for a week in April and really enjoyed it. The weather was lovcely, very cold at night though so bring a light coat as its very windy. We found it quite cheap for drink and food and the shopping was class. We stayed in Puerto Del Carmen but we heard play blanca was gorgeous, nice harbour and that.