what's up people...can anyone tell me a little about la troya@amnesia. type of music/crowd/etc... :?:
La Troya is an absolutely wonderful place!!
Loads of the locals dj at it and it's run by the guy that used to promote at Ku years ago.
You get a really gorgeous crowd there, all the best trannies and the funkiest music. They tend to be really heavy on themes too (different every week), one week it was a convent and the dancers were all dressed as nuns and there was a mad tranny in a confession box at the back.
Another week it was a world cup theme and there wer loads of angry referees blowing whistles and footballer trannies.
They always have a host on the mic shouting "Welcome to La Troya" amongst other things in Spanish and live singers etc.
It's always best to get there for 3/4am and hang around at the Dome bar in Ibiza town beforehand to try and get freebies (that is where the parade always ends up and its hysterical).
Espuma will be in the inside bit (foam party) and la troya will be on the terrace. Don't get covered in foam and enter the terrace as this will be considered very uncool and touristy.
Have fun, it's a brilliant night.
they are muscled , fashion and not many clothes on ! hmmmm groaurrr
im still remembering the last wednesday in la troya ...
when she take off by surprise the shorts of a muscled boy that was
performing with her , and him showed all his BIG very BIG think to everybody ... the best moment of the night , i cant wait until wednesday again :p