Kiddfectious in ibiza?


Surely, this would only be held at one of the San An clubs? Instantly I thought Eden, but looking at what I've got in front of me here (a calander cobbled together from confirmations and rumours on this site) the only spot left is Friday's at Es Paradis... and then what of Tidy?

All I can say is, interesting if true.
So no Tidy then. Will be interesting to see what sort of line ups Alex comes up with. I have a feeling they will either be spot on or woefully disappointing.
from the kiddfectious website

Not content with impressing the UK with a string of awe-inspiring club and festival events, there are now murmurings of the Kiddfectious brand taking Ibiza by storm also. Although details are scarce and plans being kept tightly under wraps, Kiddfectious in Ibiza promises to shake up the island like never before.

(taken from the promo blurb for their Ibiza Rox night at Sankeys)