Just got back from Ibiza

if i tried to describe how much fun i had i wouldn't do it justice.

For those of you who are going soon..... HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

had the best time ever.
thats the type of review i wanna read...im tired of seeing these people say ibiza this and that....

i leave in 5 weeks and im soooooo amped......
EXACTLY. Being an American, I like to hear the stories of other Americans who say it is the best holiday going!

Any places in particular we should go, DC girl?
I was there last year and will be back on Saturday. I can't believe there's anyone lame enough to not think it was the beast time fo their lives. You gus have heard Americans say they didn't like it?
GUYS, go check out my review posted on "review of Ibiza". I broke it down to the last minute!
But in the meantime, do's and donts!

DO NOT MISS Pacha. Also Salinas is a fun hot, partly nude beach, but walk to THE CENTER of it don't stay on the outskirts.

AVOID Figueretas beach - all families and screaming kids in your ears and sand in your eyes from their footsteps.

DO go to Bora Bora AND the club next to it - they usually host water parties right on the beach - they did on the Saturdya before I left.

DO NOT miss Manumission - fuera del hook!

DO get your club tickets at Mambo cafe from Italiano boy named Lucianno and tell him I sent you ! Say "Aleeeecia from Washington DC". He gave us phenomenal prices, 2 or 3 for 1 specials with our tickets as well as hooked me up for free twice. I know - i'm a girl, i'm a girl, but he really helped us out. He's the boy at the podium, you can't miss him.

DO NOT go to dinner when you are hungry. Go before you feel you are hungry. By the time you get your meal...you will be hungry! : )

I loved being American there and had no problems or encounters with anyone. Very fun crowd! Also FYI, big FYI, ever since 9-11, stars and stripes is a huge trend there. I found that to be absolutely hilarious. They broke out the stars and stripes swimsuits, towels, shirts, usa hats, etc and they aren't American. But hey my purse has a brittish flag on it so go figure!

I had no problem meeting groups of people - we actually met a great group from New York, I met people from England, Italy, Switzerland, Amsterdam, name it I met it!