just f***


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Hello lovely party people!

I've heard this one a lot at Bora Bora:

Don't smoke cigarettes
Don't take any drugs
Don't go out at night
Just f***!

Anybody knows what it is???

Yeah, and nobody knows!! My friend asked for it in an Ibiza record store, but it was sold out, and the guy behind the counter didn't remember title nor producer... But I'm sure we're gonna find out here! :idea:
There have been loads of requests for this one and nobody has been to ID it....everybody who has asked heard it at Bora.....

In the words of the great TH, weird non?
Mr Gee from BB himself has come up with the answer for all of us who have been chasing THAT choon - check 'Clubbing Question and Answer - Best year for Bora Bora? Also Bora Bora Tune id' on this site.

It's not the answer we wanted but at least it'll stop the scratchin'...

Just have to go back to hear it again, I guess :D