Just back... Tune Id from Bora Bora


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I'm looking for a song that I already heard in June and heard it again 3 days ago @ Bora Bora...

It has a long oriental music sample then after this it says "When I Come"

Played by Alex Miles... I asked him the name but couldn't understand well, it sounded like Lords of Heart?? but couldn't find anything about that name.

Thanks in advance!
Still no ideas?

I should have taken a video but realized this only when the track was finished ;(


And another one which I only remember the lyrics... there were some vocals saying:
Buy it... keep it... poke it... share it... (something like that). Heard that one a lot of time in Bora Bora and Space.

Thanks everybody ;)
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Yes that was the good one, Rodamaal ft. Claudia Franco - Insomnia (kemistry remix)

Thanks a lot!

If someone knows the first track ID...
Sent an e-mail to Alex Miles who gave me the name of the first track I was looking for...

It is Jan Driver - Kardamoon !