Just back, soooo depressed, heres my thoughts



This year was my third visit to Ibiza and it was as good as always, here are my reviews of the club nights i visited.

Sat 10/08 - Euphoria @ Eden - not usually my cup of tea however as i was with a few 'ibiza virgins' they thought it would be a nice easy night to kick off with, actually wasnt too bad, music not as cheesy as i thought it would be, and was a fun night.

Sun 11/08 + 18/08 - Judgement Sunday @ Eden - Decent night, however it seems to me like JJ is trying to turn his night into something like manumission, relying too much on the freakish sideshows and not eneough on the music.

Mon 12/08 - Cocoon @ Amnesia - f*** me !!! I had heard about Cocoon but didnt think it could possibly be as good a night as it turned out to be. For anyone going to Ibiza this year, you have to go to this night. Green Velvet were amazing, met them on the terrace afterwards, really down to earth, and cool as f***. Sven Vath - first time i had saw him, he is the dogs danglies, what a night !!!

Wed 14/08 - Retro @ Eden - Heard a lot of good reviews about this night - load of shite. Maybe just not for me but i wouldnt recommend it.

Thurs 15/08 and 22/08 - Cream @ Amnesia - Superb night. Paul Van Dyke was superb, atmospehere was amazing, bit too busy but managed to get a spot under the smoke machine which kept us nice and cool. 22/08 Mauro Picotto was OK but spent most of the night in the terrace room where the music was tremendous and the crowd where much cooler.

Mon 19/08 - Manumission @ Privelege - If you have been to manumisison before i would advise to give it a miss this time. Apart from Fatboy Slims set (which was excellent) the music was shite. Was far too busy (took 40 mins to get from chill out dome to dance floor) and the show is nothing compared to what it was a couple of years ago. If its your first time in Ibiza i suppose you have to go and say you have been, but i wont ever be going be back. Wish i had went to Cocoon twice instead.

Tues 20/08 - Godskitchen @ Eden - Ran a close second to Cocoon as best night. Tall Paul was excellent and the lights were unbelievable, i wasnt aware Eden had it in it to have such a spectacular lights show. Atmosphere was amazing and had a nice subtle touch with the flame throwers etc but not OTT as is the case with Judgement Sundays.

Cant believe its all over again, if you are still to go all i can say is you jammy bastards - enjoy.
i was at the same cocoon night as you mate......
i also met cajmere from green velvet........ and yes this year cocoon
is the top night of them all....... Sven is the man
Hey Nightmare......
We just got back too, but have not had a chance to write our review!!! We were also at Cream on the 15 and Manumission on the Monday!!!!
PVK was amazing!!!!! I had so much fun and I'm really sad to be back, but we are already planning for next year!!!!! Great review!!!!