June 14 - 28 in San Antonio wanna meet up?



Hi I'm gonna be in San Antonio from 14 - 27 June with 6 other mates.

We're staying at the Club Paraiso Hotel so if anyone else is staying there at this time it would be great to hear from ya.

Also if anyone else is in San An at the same time let me know and I might buy ya a drink.


A friend in Needs a friend in deed
will be in san an

21st june till 5th july staying at the apollo hotel san an bay so i will be around...
21st june till 5th july staying at the apollo hotel

I stayed at the Apolo last year its a nice little hotel with a very sexy signorita behind the bar.

I wasn't too keen on the 15 minute walk into town tho
Hi! we are two girls staying in San An Bay from 21st June, I'm sure we could make the trip to see you guys if there is a drink in it for us! Carlene and Gills.x
i can also travel.

i like being inn the bay although their is a distance to walk it's out of the way so it's okay

i am up for meeting where ever.. let me know if any fance meeting up...

i will still be their havin it large 21st junetill the 5th july