July 22nd to Aug 8, 2018

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With my next trip coming up soon, it's gotten me thinking of last year. This one won't be as detailed as my other ones. I'm just gonna post random events and thoughts.

I booked my entire stay at Hostel Horizonte in San Antonio at a rate of €56 to €66 per night, single room. Fairly old hotel, but staff is nice and best of all the pool is open till 8 PM, unlike more expensive options which being more modern, only have the pool open till 6. I could bring my own drinks and snacks as well. Double bonus. Bed could be longer as my feet stuck out.

July 22nd
Flight to Ibiza from Barcelona was delayed and overbooked but fortunately I managed to get on it. FGP had arranged the pickup from the airport. It was really busy and he had trouble getting me from the front. I think he passed me like 3 times ahah. We were set to go to Solomun and Black Madonna that night.

His car looked exactly as how you think it looks with someone living inside, so pretty messy but I appreciate the drive. He played Insatiable while the sun was setting in the distance with him singing along. Ibiza moments.

I settled up at the hotel, staff was even letting me pay the next day but I got it over with right then. I got my supplies delivered to me right at the hotel, I have sources as we all do. But I basically only got drunk this night. I filled a water bottle from work with lots of Hendricks Gin that I picked up from Barcelona airport. I always grab a huge bottle before landing in ibiza.

FGP came by again with his friend Luke, also from Canada. I musta emphasized that I wanted to reach Pacha before midnight to catch Black Madonna, as it would be my first time seeing her We drove to Pacha, predrank outside the car after he parked it. He had hierbas and I tried it for the first time. Very sweet.

I left them early to go into Pacha, it was like 1230 or 1245 by this time, and I couldn't wait any longer. My "plan" had been to go at 12 but we all know about Ibiza and plans. Everything slows down in Ibiza and I feel like I move like molasses especially with all the booze. I know it's part of the culture too.

Pacha was decently busy by this time but still room to move around. I didn't like how high the booth was, but I believe they've changed this for this year. Black Madonna played well, the rest of the night is blurry with the drinks, I def met up with FGP and his buddy during BM's set.

He drove me back after, I believe he wanted breakfast in exchange for this which I was fine with. We went to Rita's in San Antonio and it was weird being with the normal tourists while being completely trashed lol. Ppl starting their day while I'm ending mine from last night lol. I ordered a tuna sandwich and a tea I believe and my alcohol and jet lag had caught up to me and I had to sleep

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Alright this review isn't going as planned, so I'll just try to give some highlights or small things of interest as I await my next trip to ibiza today LOL.

-Tex Mex is a great restaurant in San Antonio. They decorate it really well making it look Mexican inside with Mexican music specifically playing. Food is great and so is service. Kinda quiet too inside which is nice. Definitely didn't see the usual young UK contigent there, but rather the older UK Pikes kinda crowd that we all like
-Circo Loco July 23rd...my contacts itched me like crazy and I spent like at least 30 mins in the bathroom next to the main room try to clean them. I missed a good portion of Patrice Baumel's set and some of Maceo Plex. Yeah it was crowded, wanted to check out the Terrace but it was way too crowded. Just stayed in the main room and caught Damian Lazurus, he finished off with "we are family" haha
-Went bar hopping along Ibiza Town port two days after, talked to one of the servers for a while, he tore off an Afterlife poster and gave it to me. Thanks man
-Saw a British hooker in PDB along Hi's side. Yes, an actual British one. I've never seen this before. Working alone.
-Resistance July 24th- I was kinda high, and Ellen Allien gave me eye contact and gave me a so-so hand signal, basically wanting my peasant's opinion of her set which I nodded too. It tripped me out for a good two hours, cuz I was feeling average about about her set and I felt like she could read my mind. I didn't even take that much M either, but I recovered later eee.
-Me and @FallenangelGparsons went to go have breakfast at his buddy's hotel after Resistance. He said it would be free for me. It was not, but it was only a 10 euro buffet which i paid. It was worth it, they had a lot of choices. It was a Playa Sol hotel that you can tell was recently renovated, looked very modern and nice. It was really weird being there, cuz i was still sorta buzzing and I felt like the other hotel guests were like suspicious of us and getting quiet to hear our conversations. TBH they probably were. I can't do these morning breakfest missions when buzzed!
-Met Pete Gooding at Hostel La Torre. Told him I had an old Mixmag CD of his, he was pleased. He gave me a Hostel La Torre compilation for free, which I use tracks off of in my own small bar sets! Nice guy, he had a lot of information about the island of course. I caught the tailend of Medusa Odyssey and I was wow'd. DO NOT MISS THESE GUYS
-Thursday, July 26th- I've mentioned this before, but Capriati and Jamie Jones were absolutely terrible. Party was busy and rocking tho, but music was bad. We left early at 10:30ish. I won free tix to Afterlife, and even tho the crowd was lacking at the start, the music was 10X better.
-July 28th sat- I started feeling suddenly tired and I couldn't stay up. I was listening to Bob Sinclar at Mambo's and I started feeling sleepy. Liked his enthusiasm tho. I called it an early one, I think went to sleep around midnight or so which is very early for me. I stay up later in Canada, so it's especially early
-July 29th Sunday- went to Blue Marlin to catch Culoe de Song and Eagles and butterflies. This was one of the dates I was extremely looking forward to, Culoe has never been to Toronto and Eagles hasnt' been here for such a long time. I thought Eagles mixed in the same key for a while which got "boring" but I loved his style. Culoe started off slow, but got better. The queue for the taxi was insane. They really need more taxis, it's literally free money for the drivers. I shared one with some UK girls who were really friendly and kept talking about their best life and danced to Drake songs in the car. It was funny.
Went to Solomun and Dixon afterwards, but this night was sold out and it was so damn busy inside. I couldnt really enjoy but it was my first time hearing ARTBAT- Atlas and that was a great moment. I had to leave early, was just too damn busy, and it didn't even let up even after 5 AM

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July 30th- Circo Loco, anniversary party- This lineup was insane. Who wasn't going to this? Unfortunately, the party shutdown for 45 mins or so around Midnight, right in the middle of Bedouin's set. arrrgh. Funny moment, someone lost their baggie and some other guy was looking for it for him and picked one up and asked him if it was his. The guy said no. he turned to me and I also said no. When he had cellphone light on the floor, you could baggies left and right. It was crazy...guys some discretion please but free drugs on the floor i suppose? Same situation as last week- Terrace was busy and uncomfortabley so, while the main room was also busy but a little it more room. Forutately, all the artists I wanted to see were in the main, so it worked out.
OH. Amelie Lens' tour manager or one of the workers for her, bought me a drink for free at Circo Loco. That was cool! I waved to Amelie at the end of her set and she waved back and then slumped on the floor. she was tired AF...her tour schedule was insane at that point, so can't blame her. Also, I don't care how much love this music, you might wanna hear some jazz or downtempo beats once in a while, or straight up Pop or mumble rap.