Journalism in Ibiza


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Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could offer any advice.

My husband is a journalist for a local paper here in the UK but is unsatisfied with his job. We have always loved ibiza and have considered working there for the summer season but I would be recluctant for him to abandon his current job (which although dull for him at the moment obviously has good career prospects for the future) to take up PR/bar job for one season and then maybe return home and struggle to find another writing job.

Have you any idea what would be the best way to look for a job in this field?



There is an English paper called the Ibiza Sun but I think it's still a one man band and not big enough to employ a journalist. There is a magazine called Ibiza Now which is translated into other languages so maybe that is an option.

There are many other glossy, expensive magazines which you could approach. I have read some of them and the grammer is terrible at best and unreadble at worst. One idea is to offer editing and proof-reading services.

Why not try to get some work which you can do from the UK, such as editing, and see how it takes off?

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