Jon Carter... one for Babs I think...


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What kind of music does he play? He's playing at shindig on 20 / 9 and I'm thinking of heading over to the mainland for some clubbing action. Either that or Sandy Rivera the week after that. Waddaya reckon?
Yeah like Stu said, proper dirty house music, but imo the best party DJ around.

Sandy Rivera has always been excellent when I've seen him but more along the soulful thing but Jon definitely tops him.

If you go, tell him the blonde bint sends her love lol :p ;)
Stu Hirst said:
Yeah, just keep him away from the bar !

Our Jon likes a drink !!!

Lol, I don't think I've ever seen him not funked, sometimes I wonder how he can even manage to stand up let alone DJ :p

But when you're that easy on the eye who cares :p ;)
Thanks guys. They posted the october listings and Morillo is playing, I might just wait and keep everything crossed hes on form for a change. Man I need some clubbing and it looks doubtfull I can get to the closings :cry: :cry: :cry: :evil:.

Since they extended the bar licences to 1.00am here at the start of the summer, the already sorry excuse for our clubscene died because it's not worth paying to go to a crap club for an hour when there are some cool bars that have DJ's on till 1.30. There's this one place thats tiny (about 60 people crammed) but the girls get up on the tables and the DJ really gives it some. That's fun - a real party but I need some proper clubbin! And I need to get off this rock - permanently!!!

Any other suggestions for the end of Sept that are reachable from Newcastle (thats where my mate is based)? Ibiza House or Prog Trance is my type of thing. Sasha would be perfect or Satoshi Tomiie.

Oh well at least its Friday :)