Jobs, jobs and jobs!!!



Eden are interviewing for PR´s, waiters, security, dancers, basically the whole works this Friday at the club. Amnesia are looking for all of the above as well plus carparking attendants, office workers and other things. The deadline for the Amnesia jobs is next week, I was there today but you have to speak Spanish. They told me that they will choose the ones they want for interviews next week so you had better get your skates on!
Spanish is not necessary for the Eden jobs. By the way both clubs require CV´s and a nice photo. I´ve been to Space today as well and they want waiters, but again you have to speak Spanish! Both of the above were advertised in the local paper (el periodico de ibiza). But of course you have to read/speak spanish. A lot of jobs are advertised in there every day.
There´s loads of bar jobs in Eivissa town as well, a couple of my friends have just got jobs. Some bars only require English, others English and Spanish and maybe German. Apparently Pacha are looking for PR´s as well so I´m off there tonight to see what the score is! If you need any advice you know what to do!
hi, so is anyone employing a litle later cos me and my girls can't get out there til june 7th. is everything gona b gone or what? We want someting decent pref PRin or ticketin...


Kat ;)
Don´t worry

The clubs have their own PR/flyering teams and then the nights themselves (Cream, Underwater etc) have their own teams as well. Obviously, these don´t kick off until the middle of June and start recruiting in a few weeks from now.