jet bali beach and jet apartments



i was just wondering if anyone ever stayed at the Bali Beach Apartments or the Jet superior Apartments in playa den Bossa and if they were nice or not, and in a good location. thanx in advance
in a great location beside bora bora beach and space, couldnt get any better, popular with americans and canadians dont expect 5 star luxury but it seems to be well run
bali jet beach

you at at the best area in pdbossa. for everything
you need.......look out for rob.bali beach. internet
thanks everyone! if anyone has any other suggestions about good places to stay in the area, let me know.... those seem pretty cheap though and relatively nice - we're not looking for 5 star, but a pretty nice, a pool and closeness to the beach is a must! thanks again :lol:
Bali Beach are part of Jet, there are only about 12 rooms as part of the Bali Beach appts and they are much nicer than the standard Jet appts.

We're staying in Bali Beach in Sept as I've stayed in Jet a few times and I didn't really like them - very basic, etc.