Jersey last night - Rhumba 6 year birthday


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Jersey has very few club nights, so we had been waiting ages for last night. 10-4am (4am in Jersey is unheard of), Fergie, Tall Paul & 12 local dj's in many rooms. I work with th guy who arranges the nights, so was treated again to complimentaries :D :D

The venue is a huge sports hall, and it had been turned into a very clubby feel place with use of curtains, and raised platform enclosing the main dance area. The alternative rooms are around the outside, a nice large bar area behind the curtains, and the whole setup worked very well.

We arrived approx 11.30, and the place was already 3/4 full which was a good omen, a local guy (not sure who :rolleyes: ) was warming up nicely. Had a couple of drinks and saw many people from work :confused: (so many secret ravers, tut tut). Tall paul came on and was suprisingly good, not sure if this his usual fayre, but it was enjoyable. Up on the platorms with a couple of shelleys friends (phwoarrr :D ), and quite a few glowstick girls who had far more energy than me :D :D Thought at one point, the platform was going to collapse under our frantic moves, and was wondering which of the many hot babes would end up on top of me :D :D :D

Then something really aweful happened...........

Fergie came on

Could not get into his music at all, but appreciate that many do like him. We spent most of the remainder of the night 2am onwards, in and out of the funky room where my buddy (the organsier chappie) was spinning the best set I have heard him play. Lazy made a comeback, as did several others from last year and years gone by, all done in the best of taste. In a way it was really poignant that we spent so much time in the funky room. We leave the island in 1 week :D :D :D , and the crowd in there was many of the peeps we have met over the past 3 years. Only complaint, it was hot, hot like the inside of space :( in the funky room. Wandering around the venue now and again, it was funny seeing certain 'public' figures, and a cheif nurse from the psychiatric off their trollies :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Hope they are not addicted, and about to go insane tho.

I'm not a music offciando, so can't give a rundown on tracks etc, but am sure at one point Tall Paul was without a record on his decks :eek: :eek: (if anyone was there could you confirm this??).

I have to make a comment on the eye kandi. There were more gorgeous girls there last night than I have seen in the previous 3 years, and fortunately, shelley was in the land of the insane, so I could have a real good perv :D :D :D :D I'm sure the girls in Jersey have longer legs than anywhere else in the world :D

Shelley was not up for an after party :cry: so i am sat here praying that she will be up for Sunday lunch and a bottle of vino somwhere this afternoon ;)

A great night, the best we have had in the 3 years we have been here. Big respect to my buddy and his partner for perceveering with the sometimes fickle Jersey crowd and producing a top night with 2,000 up for it peeps giving it their all.

I would definately make the trip back to Jersey for another night like this, and will hopefully do so next year.


for a top night.[/b]
Only just read your text hun. Thank you for a great review, I was there too, and fully agree with your comments, Tall Paul was awsome- I cannot tell about the emount of records on his decks I'm afraid. :eek:
Just as you did, I left the main arena shortly after Fergie came on to goto the funky room and listen to JP and Tony. The room was heaving and the tunes seriusly uplifting.
As you said, strips back in the corridors were essentials to cool down, or like me, backstage to take pictures of Tall Paul and Fergie.

The sound system was definately awsome as well, but I should say that. My boyfriend is the guys that supllies it... :D

All in all one of the best session ever at the Fort. Unlike you, we went back to a party afterward at my friends house and only left him last night at 5pm, after a full on garden session and a couple of swims in the seas....

Am only just surviving today.

Thank you Rhumba, JP, Chris and all the suporting team.

It's been a pleasure to celebrate your 6th birthday with you!!


are you going to the Venue on Friday, Lisa Lashes :eek: :eek:

May just sneak along after my leaving meal @ Bluefish :D :D

Avin it large on Saturday in Pure :eek: :eek:

Nowhere to go Sunday nights, unless you know different ;)

Then off back to uk Tuesday :eek:
Hi hun, am not out tonight, still recovering from terrible cold of this week (had it too large last we and now am paying for it ;) ).Also am at my cousin's wedding tomorrow, in St aubin, so no Pure for me either.

However, there's a big party hapening in St OUen (Le Braye I think) tomorrow night. An allnighter I believe. I dont have anymore details but the boys at Pure will know for sure, ask Tony Safe, he might be able to put you in the right direction.

It seems that all us little raving wedding goers are automatically on the VIP list of the said party, as the DJ of the wedding will also dj the bad hey?

FYI the next big one is in St Malo, the bank holiday weekend. "In hell or in heaven". The infamous annual party organised by Monique. Again, a 48 hour session, fully dressed up etc....



Just read your review, I'm a bit slack, wish I could have gone to the Fort now but had to revise.

Did you go to Lisa Lashes in the end, is it true she didn't turn up? Glad I didn't go now!
Lisa Lashes was a no show.

The music was absolute bilge :eek: :eek: :eek:

Take care Celine & Party Girl.

My jersey clubbing days r numbered until next year. Although u managed to avoid me for 3 1/2 years, don't think it will always be so easy :D :D :D :D