James Zabiela

1st time at Lush in NI, he was a bit break-y for my tastes. 2nd time inside at space last year he was really good. not so much breakbeat, but some tech-house and some good old fashioned acid house. he has really eclectic tastes and is a genuinely talented dj. his mixing and that fiddling around stuff that djs do is top notch.

He is a resident at space sundays this summer. mainly inside but he may give the terrace a go once in a while

James is a splendid Dj, and probably one of the best uprising talents in the milky-way. Those who have difficulties with breakbeat in any form might not enjoy him to the max.

His style varies, and is very open-minded and innovative at times. I'd say that if you're not stuck on big names only - JZ is probably one of the best options for an interesting night.

"Dj Freedom"

PS- if you're a Kazaa freak you might find his "4" (thats the name) set he recorded for promotional use. wicked....
He played here in derry a few weeks ago at Strand basement, a lot of breakbeats but his mixin was amazing!!!!!

my no.1 dj so far this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zabiela is actually playing here in Sydney in June. I am really looking forward to seeing him as i have heard a lot of good things about him :D
Still to see him but I've heard a few CDs and he's good. Currently downloading that "4" CD thingy. I've got a set recorded from Kiss FM and there is some mental scratching on it like! Prog's answer to the boy Scalliwell ;)