Jaded at Cable Launch INXEC (Cocoon) MARC ASHKEN (Leftroom) + SPECIAL GUESTS


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Jaded at Cable Launch ** Sunday 28th February ** Early Hours - 1pm

RAYMUNDO RODRIGUEZ will be joined by
INXEC (Cocoon / Get Physical)
MARC ASHKEN (Leftroom)

In Cable's Bar - Deep and Cosmic with
LLOYD and FAZ (Nocturnal)

London’s afterhours children can breathe a collective sigh of relief – we have some Jaded news. From Sunday 28th February, a new era of Jaded mornings will be born. The theme of our parties in 2010 is ‘Being Loved’ so it will come as no surprise that the weekly home we have chosen is Cable.

Being loved is everything when you’re an afterhours clubber. You look forward to the morning as the place where you can finally be free, amongst friends, where your weariness is rewarded with smiles, the best music from an other-worldly sound system, warmth, cosiness and adventure, safety, good humour and creativity.

The experience of Jaded will begin in Cable’s beautiful Bar Room. The balcony and the immediate feeling of warmth you’ll find there, reminds us of a little of AKA. Mouj or Raymundo will always be there to soothe you into our world from the Cable Bar’s new DJ box. Upstairs there will be new comfy sofas and subtle lights cocoon you. Next, it will be time to tear it up, as the doors to the main room open. For the Jaded at Cable Launch Party, we’ll be bringing you INXEC (Cocoon) MARC ASHKEN (Leftroom), SPECIAL GUESTS, plus RAYMUNDO RODRIGUEZ and MOUJ.

When the main room opens, Cable's bar will get Cosmic then Deep House. We're proud to introduce JAUNT> BLACKHALL and BOOKLESS and nu disco kids LLOYD and FAZ.

Being Loved doesn’t end with finally getting the sound system you deserve, and line ups we’ve been longing to be able to bring you. Having two rooms for the first time in 3 years, means we’ll be able to introduce you to our favourite labels, and the parties that get us fired up too. Daylight is the ultimate ingredient and we’ll have that in abundance with Cable’s little garden courtyard, which we’ll be using in a new way for our Jaded mornings.

We want to make the Jaded children welcome whether you’ve never been before, you’d stopped coming when The End closed its doors, or you’re a devotee who’s been with us ever since the beginning. If you’re organised you’ll be able to get £5 early bird tickets for Jaded on Ticketweb. For the not so organised, we’ll be leaving wristbands with all the main cab companies East and South, so you’ll be able to offset your cab ride, or if you produce a valid taxi receipt, we’ll give you entrance for a fiver.

As always, club and bar workers get in free. If you’d like us to post you your workers’ key ring to flash at our door, just message us jadedsundays@hotmail.com

We at Jaded could not be happier to welcome you to our new world, one that we are so proud to be part of. The party’s just beginning...

With Jaded Love X

Jaded at Cable
Weekly Sunday Afterhours
Early Hours – 1pm
Admission £12 OTD
£8 all those clicked 'attending' this FB event. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=326655359017&index=1
£5 earlybirds in advance on RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?144738