Some friends and I are travelling to Rome and Milano the third week in November.

Are there any ITALIANS ON THIS BOARD, if so, please provide some information on Clubs (house and trance) in both Cities.

We'll take care of the sightseeing and if you are so KINDLY TO PROVIDE detailed information on clubbing.

Also, if there are non-italians that DO KNOW ABOUT clubbing in Rome and Milano, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO drop some lines with INFORMATION AS WELL.

Thank you.

PS 1: I will definatelly join some newsgroup/board and/or dome some heavy Club Searching on the internet. Thanks in advance.!
PS 2: Also, drop the soccer schedule for Rome and AC Milan soccer!

I'm not Italian, but I lived there for three years. The best club in Roma is Brancaleone. It's on Via Levanna, an old mansion. Only locals go there and it's not as commercial and snobby as the other clubs in Roma. Outside of that, go to Monte Testaccio and there are alot of clubs down that way. Please go have a pint for me at John Bull's.

Any other Roma questions, I'd be happy to help.


hello, in italy best clubs are in naples, in november at ENNENCI(pozzuoli) plays F. knuckles... isn' t very far from rome, I' m there 8) bye
Great... See u there then..

How's the weather in ROME during November.... end of Nov?

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Bad news about the weather ;) , are 2 months that rain every day, but that' s a strange year, so expect maybe to find an ibizian climate when you arrive... 8) :D 8) :D However rome becomes a great place in autumn but listen me naples it' s better ;) , ok that' s all, bye bye. Kraaaaan

p.s. In rome I like very much Alien,, it' s one of the best discos in rome, house music and a lot of gaypeople... :eek: :eek: :eek:
Alien plays alot of stuff you can find on the radio. Kinda commercail If you don't have friends in Naples, it's really hard to do much, I think. Weather is nasty. I do enjoy ennenci though.