Is there a gym near Figueretes, Playa D'en Bossa or Ibiza ?

there is a gym as part of the Jet Appts complex behind bora bora. dont know if it is any good though.
There is another one near figueretas... and as far as I remember it wasn't that expensive...

I think the name of the street is Ramon Muntaner... it's a street parallel to avenida d'España

cant remember the prices being too expensive but can remember seeing the flyer and the opening times were pretty crap, big siesta in middle of day and early close why not forget the weights for a few weeks and run along the beach you need a hol from the gym as well or youll get stale

and then why not give those triceps a workin by jugglin a few pints in each hand by the pool.........

....and then a few neck warmups....throwing back a few shots...

sounds good...
aye you don't need all that weightlifting malarkey when you're on holiday... do your exercises outside in the sun and enjoy your holiday!! :rolleyes:
robo... my thoughts exactly, because i'm a runner at heart there's not many better feelings i've had than going for a jog in the mornings along the beach, it is so relaxing & you just forget all your worries :)

the spirit of ibiza is in my soul...
I was in there every day because I such a loser LOL place is VERY BASIC but is okay and gets the job done. Super hot in there but they let everyone workout with no shirt which was cool. Obviously great music LOL pretty empty most of time I never saw more than five people in there

Oh yeah I just walked in and lifted no one asked me to pay maybe I got lucky and attendant was high the whole time LOL
Bloody weirdos the lot of you with this gym talk :rolleyes: ;) My exercise routine consists of dancing every wkend, sex and running up the escalators at tube stations, always worked for me lol :p
i know barbie, sack all that 'lets keep fit shit'!

the only 2 weeks were you can totally let your hair down and go mental!

after a night in pacha, space or amnesia the last thing ill be thinkin about is goin to the gym!

pure torture if you ask me, and anyway if your a raving dancer like me theres nooooo need!
I'm there for an entire month and I can't see myself not working out for such an extended period. Also it's FUN; jogging, playing volleyball, lifting weights, and dancing all night long ;)