Is the great HED KANDI going to return?



Does anybody know if hed kandi are confirmed for this year in ibiza? :twisted:
dunno if they are, but I heard a rumour telling that they are supposed to return so I m also hoping for the best!
take care
i do hope so! Then we will all b guaranteed an excellent time with those great tunes playing. :lol:
Says on the Calendar they're at Divino on Saturdays.

What do they mix at a club? I've only seen their chill sets...

Never been to Divino- I hear it's pretty stuck-up. Any comments?
They play very nice fluffy house with lots of vocals and loads of funk.
El Divino - usually very hot, not as stuck-up as you think. Don't wear shorts and a football top and you'll be fine.
Yeh they play wicked tunes. Loadsa funky, disco house and its the best!!! ;)
Hed kandi

Watch out for the wife, she's been giving it a bit lately to the "Twisted disco" c.d
P.s, she'll be the crazy one wearing bright red trainers!
I believe the trainers were technically labelled "tomato" in color, not "bright red." Hee hee. :p And yes, Hed Kandi = me excited for Saturday. Not like I wouldn't have been excited for any other Saturday in Ibiza.
Nonetheless, look for the married couple @ El Divino -- husband smartly dressed (as always) and off it, wife displaying her usual sense of oddly mismatched style. And also off it.
Wahoo! Hed Kandi!