Is it the end for Playa Den Bossa?


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Over the last few years, those people who like to class themselves as 'uber cool' have tried to claim Playa Den Bossa is the perfect base for those clubbers in the know. Most of us oldies and realists know that San Antonio is and always will be the clubbers destination of choice.

It appears, through other message boards, general comments and large sums of money being spent on San Antonio that it is fighting back.

My question is this, has that horrible, disgusting place full of German tourists called Playa Den Bossa finally had its very short day? Are people now realising that it has been nothing but hype?
personally I think that playa den bossa could be a place on Tenerife or the canary islands. I prefer the smaller, quieter beaches where one can chill and have a snack........
Scoobie said:
Do you lie awake at night worrying about this Dirk??????

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I work for the San Antonio local government!

Seriously, I think it's time Playa Den Bossa was buried and San An positvely promoted.
I agree, but i think its quite impossible with all them lager idiots running around in west end, trashing things......
San An needs a good cleaning up certain places as well.
Ibiza-girlie said:
personally I think that playa den bossa could be a place on Tenerife or the canary islands. I prefer the smaller, quieter beaches where one can chill and have a snack........

I hope that quite beach also includes bora bora? Because that is teh reason who i prefer PDB
Boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggg :rolleyes: At the end of the day Dirk has issues with PDB and is on a mission to convert the 'uneducated' to San Antonio, I've done both, know which I prefer but each to their own :p
If they were to move the sunset strip to PDB and make the sun set in the east San An would rot.
Each to their own, dear.

You don't like PDB. Fine-don't go there. But don't start slagging people off who do choose to go there.
have to agree with dirk !!

Sorry went to PDB and apart from space theres not much else
bora bora was no where near as bangin or mad for it as everyone makes out the beach is beautifull thou.
The place was clean but the shops sold nothing but of interest the sort of thing a lookie lookie would try and sell you.

Found there was a certain Snoberry by the people that where there
as well i have never expirienced any of this on san an
PDB could be any crap spanish tourist resort. The only thing it has got is Space.

I am not slagging anyone off, I just find these individuals who believe the hype quite sad.

How can a crap, smelly town, full of German families, even compare to the mecca that is San An? Perople go on about Bora Bora during the day, what about Garlands parties in San An?

San An is the bollox where it all goes off. Top DJs, top restuarants, the sunset strip, pre-parties, Wips. I could go on.

Name 10 good things about PDB? Come on then, this will be interesting.
Don't get me wrong, I think PDB is great and yes it does have Space and Bora Bora and ok is also close to Ibiza Town. Each time I visit I like to stay in San An though. We all have our preferences ;)

There are too many people on this forum who complain about the people's perception of the island yet they are the first to slate the image of San Antonio. :twisted:
The San An v PDB debate will go on and on forever......
It is boring :eek: , let people stay where they like based on their OWN experiences.
I stayed in PDB this year and next year am staying in San An just to experience it for myself. The year after hopefully I'll stay somewhere completely different as there are more than two resorts in Ibiza (which some people seem to forget).
Lets agree to disagree and bury this debate once and for all, please!!!! :confused: