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Does anyone know what time Jose Padilla will be on at Ushuaia on Thursdays (25th june specifically)? Also, where abouts in PDB is it?

Thanks in advance guys
where abouts in PDB is it?
Thanks very much for that McR. Is this likely to be more of a daytime/early evening place or is it likely to still be going on later while Space is open?
Every thursday, the legendary and brilliant Dj/producer JOSE PADILLA,
will take u on a " journey" … … .. on the beach … …. from 5pm. and up to midnight … … .. and from the most magical place in the white island … ….. USHUAIA!!

Sushi by WOK & ROLL.
Jose Padilla Ushuaia confusion???


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THU :arrow: jose padilla & friends [from 5pm]


now on thursdays private monza friends meeting. guest list only.....

Does the above mean that Jose Padilla is no longer doing Thursday nights at Ushuaia?
If he is still doing Thursday who do l have to kill to get on that guest list.......?
Many thanks will catch him there in that case.
Will be listening to my copy of
Cafe Mambo Ibiza 09 just as soon as it arrives 8)
What are drinks prices like in there? Was thinking of going on the Sunday as my night off clubbing but read on another thread it costs €20 to get in so was wondering on the drinks so i can vaguely try and squeeze this in to my budget!
Advice needed

Thinking of spending a bit of time at Ushuaia on Sunday afternoon before Bora Bora and Space, is this practical?? what sort of time does it get lively? how far a walk from Bora Bora is it?? do you have to pay to get in??