Impacts of Tourism - Ibiza



I'm a student at The University of Brighton and we have a project about Impacts of tourism. I chose Ibiza since I've been there and I fell in love with the place..

I hope you can help me out with some info about the Impacts of Tourism on the island. Positive, negative, social, Environmental, economical.. Yeah you name it..

Thanx clubbers..
One thing I can think of off the top of my head which is both negative and environmental is the fact that so many people get 'annihilated' drinking cheap drink down the West End in San. An. that the local street cleaners have to use $hit powerful chemicals to clean up all the vomit. Not nice at all, I just hope none of the chemicals end up near the beach. :(
why don't you do some research on the ecotax?
that's an environmental tax levied on holidaymakers who whether they realise it or not have changed the face of ibiza
bulidings being continously built. however the authorities have now put a law that only buildings that were passed within the last 5 years could be built.

what an outrageous bit of sensationalism - do you work for the environmentally friendly version 'The Bun :lol: :lol:

daffy check out it has lots of stats about tourism

otherwise tourism has been so predominant here for so long that is a very very convoluted question you are asking ;-)
james said:

what an outrageous bit of sensationalism - do you work for the environmentally friendly version 'The Bun :lol: :lol:

Well thank you! :lol: I was actually quoting something Robo said on another post. :lol:

Thanx all for all you're help :D :D

James.. The web page you gave me was very helpful!! :D

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you're-your :oops:

your welcum
Helloooooooooo! I've just been on the beach sunning myself in my lunch break thinking how lovely it is to be in Brighton (when I'm not on hols of course!) and then I read this message.
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Re: your question, there is an organisation set up by the authorities of Ibiza which is funded by various people ie - the Ministry of Sound, Mixmag, all the big clubs and some promotors and local restaurants that looks after the environment and promises to plant more trees etc to counter the negative effects of tourism.
The only problem is, I can't for the life of me think of the organisation. Mcrackin (because he lives there) or someone else who posts on here will know if you forward this message to them.


Unfortunately I'm in the University of Brigthon dep in Eastbourne.. But the sun is shining here as well 8) Just been on the Beachy head for a cold beer..

Interesting.. Sounds like an organisation with the info I need! :D

I'll follow your suggestion and forward it to Mr McRackin..