i'm a nosey neighbour



i want to find out everyone's, different and hopefully contrasting, informative views on all music not just techno/or house.

i am sorely lacking in the logistics of producing and performing certain genres of dance music, so i reckon the more people post their views, the better educated i/we will become on house/dance music.

lets start with the question of-

how and what, do you define as 'HOUSE' music?

(as a new member myself, hopefully a variation of posters will reply, not just the usual.)


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Well, I'm going to leave this for the others for a bit (as I suspect I may fit into the usual genre ;) ).

However, suffice to say, I used to be confused too. About what different styles and genres actually sounded like, how the music was structured and just who came up with 'the rules' that seem to follow the music.

I have to say, that answers to my questions were a bit vague. There's nothing to substitute actually listening to it. I finally realised that the answers were vague because the genres are too.

But, I picked up this book that really answered a lot of my questions and has shaped the way I appreciate dance music.

I don't know if you've read it, but it's called 'Altered State' by Matthew Collins and it charts the rise of dance from the US, to Ibiza and the UK. It may not be completely accurate for all, but it's certainly a good place to start.


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Yeah i also got confused however over time, you work things out, but it is hard to define the different genres sometimes, because they sound similar.

But really 'house' music is everything, everything came originally from house, Trance, Techno, progressive, all just a form of house.

oooppppssss sorry i think i may fit into the 'usual suspects' hahaha!!!!