ID at clubs



Ok...... Another question. Do I have to show some kind of ID at the entry of the clubs? Everywhere I have been is this way, but maybe Ibiza is different cos there aren't many teens. Thanx
Didn't see anyone getting ID-ed at all, and some of the people going into the clubs looked about 13.

Just as long as you're not trying to sneak in a camera, they really don't care.
it also says "No Diving" around most of the pools, but people still do. rules shmules.
dam0 said:
how old are u then kaiser?

I am 21, but I dont seem older than 19. I was asking because when I go clubbing they bother you too much asking for ID. It is really anoying having the ID in the pocket all night long.
No way, you dont need id, I am same age and never been id'd. Its a waste of time, they are more worried bout the camera thing.Its crap that.

See yous all 19th-26th sep.Bring it on. :lol: :lol: