Ibz21: april 29-May 12 ?


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Worst EVER ibz day nearly happened last night ,stucked on narrow road with big hole around cala bonita
I shit myself as i thought car will be stucked in big holes..
No way i go back to cala bonita If u take the wrong path eg going on right side instead leftcat a moment ..its one way narrow road with lot of holes :eek:
After this expérience, Car company can charge me 1100€ for scratch little jump ,i m still calm with the story that happen last night,it cant be WORSE 🤣

EL CARMEN cala de hort restaurant tonight..around 9pm for a good paella ,just the 2 of us with a girl ..
Whatappgroup uselees as usual.
Planning stuff n people discarding..eg i didnt go to las dalias las sunday as only 2 people in.
Seems to be a shit holiday for u


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Last day is wicked beside the fact i havent slept
2x20€ found in front of my hotel
For check out of the car, it was a young And he didnt see anyrhing 😬
Car was parked close to another car instead to be parked without cars beside
Cant wait to crawl in my bed..

For next trip ill avoid to do same stuff ,meaning No las dalias events, No sa trinxa unless John is back
Less energy on building whatsappgroup
....too much talking for no meetup , while i can easy meetup new faces...
Some hotel shut early august..
End sept will be more than QUIET..


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Yaya defo meet up, tantra are doing a Friday night 8 till 2pm dance event, (probably sit down) I asked if will doing in Oct they said they should be
u have to be inside to enjoy the sound as outside no point, as sound is muted.
they place you when you enter Tantra and to be inside , u have to buy bottle service or going early?

No ibz blues but glad to be home
those mlssed meetup 🤗 they were some hottie willing to miss but didnt happen on her last day.
she realize upon my pics that she should hang with me on her last to 2nd day.
u plan stuff and people finally discard..no way to go solo to las dalias when it user to be 5 people..
Beside people i ve already met in ibiza (3) only 3 new heads ,quiet a small number among 50people whatsap group
im glad the french couple met 1rst day at airport followed my advice and share ibz experiece 1rst week until matre land 2nd week
Even the day they choose not to go with me to cala benrras the girl get mad about her boiyfriend and told him he should liten to my advice,whatever other lucky people had their seat And one of her best ibz expérience this day..

the big duty free shop is open but the stall for chorizo ham were empty

For next trip, some ibz rock hotel event on minds, no way obeach some poeple spread money for no mood vibe and trying to make me spreading money 130€ to go inside
No much planning but spotting the right people


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Back to office after 2 valuable hours sleep on plane (hope i didnt snore 😬 ,guess not because of mask)
And 10hours sleep from 2pm to 6am ,stamina body is loaded 80% 🤣

Who is ready to join my WhatsApp group ?
Sept 23rd-Oct 6th I m READY
For random boys i want to know a little about you
No filtering for regular spotlight membres.
I hâte the time spread to help peopel Andno meetup And they dont listen to your advice
Question is Do i shorten my trip to oct 6th or let it until oct 13th?knowing lot of hôtels will be close
No extended saison for sure..Wiki Woo single end of august folowin what mate say..
I dont like to waste Money with 50€ changing scheduling ans maybe more If the flight is price..
This time ill bring my bass derbuka Remo ,some visit to cala Beniras on minds ,i was there with 2 girls last week.
Ps: i wish i had more smiling happy Dancing girls along my ibz rides, so guys u have to give real arguments to include you upon my rides
Check this live Dancing with Uk girl Dancing to the beats of ibz anthem 01
Funky DISCO!!!
Always follow the 🏴‍☠️ n not pussies or ull loose lot of money eg Stk dinner 200€ 🙄,always best options suggested n not pricey ones :cool:
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Space bag ? Cool
Space bag 5€ discount at space shop close to big Hyper Centro (where i bought stuff to mask scratch for the car) didnt survive ibz summer 2020, a rope got torn last day 😭
I may ask my bro to give back the one i gave to him for Xmas using it as paper gift 🤣
Having some mates i valuable as its a way to share ibz expérience
Ibz solo trip Sucks If u dont have mates TBH
Sharing beers, otherwise i wont have beers If solo
Sharing joint,i décline as i quit smoking sincec2 years...
Sharing experience such 1 girl advising us to have a go to Beachstar,even on my minds but was on bottom of bucket list..
Advising events,beach bar ,lunch dinners..


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Planning ibz end sept trip
Just spot my single plane is cancelled but no mail from Transavia
I could change to monday oct 21th ,same price flight but they charge 15€
And for the return flight i had to pay the 50€ fee for changing flight,not fair If u comparé to Vueling that ask you to réfund when a flight is modified

So end sept trip may be sept 21th to oct 7th.
Price of renting car back to normal :cool:
No Zoo project event for september
Wiki Woo shutting end aug?

Ibz extended season? My ass!
Lot of hôtels that open are shutting off.
Hope it won't be a ghostown along october


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No idea,,just some talking by mate with waitress.
No mercy with new people for meetup ,especially boys,get out the rhum barrel 🤣

So much solo weirdos tbh 😬

To summup meetup, for new faces

only 1 Uk woman, that followed me for some menu del dia And shamarkanda ,and recognize that without me she will hang solo at her hotel,few sunsets And beaches on her own,and thanks me to help her with all cheap adresse of supermarket or food to leave
She didnt follow us on event at night but nearly all daytime events. (We chat a lot b4 ibz,so a sign meetup will happen)
The french couple met buy chance at airport that followed me 50% of my events And were thankfull for it.
Met other girl too sharing restaurants time And Es vedra time ...
Other solo woman for las dalias And Beniras time

SO 3 new People met along 50 people WhatsApp group 🙄 ,lot of time spending for a few meetup..

At least on my 2nd week i could stand on my Uk mate ..and always Nice to see known faces
Las Dalias @ElrowLovers
Es Vedra trip

On diet for Sept trip, only Bistro de stephan on my bucketlist.
I wish i had a pack of 4 girls hitting ibz roads 🤔
Smiling Happy Dancing girls feeling the Music
Listen to soundtrack of my ibzsummer 2020 IG story with some smiling girls enjoying the Music And not lads enjoying only their beers
Counting the days as already fedup of office duty work ,dont tell it to my boss 🤣
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