Ibz21: april 29-May 12 ?


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I'm arriving Thursday but free for parties from 27th then leave 3rd (4am or something). I'm booked for Paradise closing on 27th, Afterlife closing on 28th, Glitterbox closing 29th, then Elrow closing 30th. Nothing planned for pre-drinks yet and I'm going alone! Happy to join you guys if you'll have me :) I'm staying in San Antonio Bay 27th & 28th then moving to Playa d'en Bossa 29th onwards...


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pre drinks r in the car :D with all stuff from supermarket
Give ur number through pm , ill add u to the group
sept 27th at ocean beach (5 to 8pm max )may be a good meetup for those in san, with free entrance on my house :p or at the harbor (8h30pm until midnight) 1 rst row in front of dj booth
ps:eek:nce in ibz i wont have time to spend in this board..i feel so sorry for the solo spotlight that text me august, i was really busy..and seeing his mess 4 days later...


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i got my elrow tix 37€ thanks to an uk bloke that cant make it, ive paid with paypal with the insurance way.
if any trick ill ask refund but there wont be .
He still have 2 tix
6 girls 5 boys(only blokes ive already met), 1 french girl leaving the group, these french :rolleyes: not me of course :lol:
10-20 contacts it can be only better, this time i hope to see all people from this group the purpose of it otherwise not useful all my contacts, new spotlight by chance, as ibz is really a small island...
I hope this time i wont b solo in some events, it happened august, last elrow, last heart factory with kings of house, last if u know u know even i met contacts in those parties djs, contacts , new friends...

For guys willing to enter the group, u have to give real arguments, i m very suspicious about solo people in to enter my group because they are afraid to be alone and dont give a shit about meeting me, yes, now im filtering:D ,lessons learned :lol: it"s why i dont play anymore part to solo meetup post (helping some girl in uping her post, then told me she cancelled ibz, but busted :D as seeing her pic with spotlighters on my fb, People r strange :lol: if u dont want to meet not a big deal, no need to give reasons but lies :rolleyes: )
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Better sleep a lot b4n chill a lot (eg along office job :spank:)
Last update oct 7th Groove Odyssey at HearT ibz, i guess i'll discard PAris by night that day as Groove Oddyssey is the House Music party in ibiza with Glitterbox n Heart Factory ...

sept 27 OCB+solomun harbor +Paradise Closing
Sept 28 Sven Destino + Afterlife closing
Sept 29
BeachHouse +pool ocb closing +glitterbox Closing
Sept 30 Ants Closing+ Elrow closing

oct 1 Ibz festival Atzzaro? Ibz ocean beach? (+ BMI Luciano Acid Sundays closing heart
oct 2 Hed kandi closing ocb or Dc10 circoloco?(+cocoon closing)
oct 3 Zoo project daytime party+ Heart Factory
oct 4 Hyte Closing
oct 5th solomun live at Destino+ Keep on dancing closing Heart ibiza
oct 6th Ocean beach closing daytime
+ Blue Marlin closing +Wally lopez Heart Closing?
Paris by night closing Groove Odyssey Heart ibiza?
oct 8th Hi Closin? Heart closing?
oct 9th Circoloco Dc10 closing

oct 10th Zoo project Closing

some parisian in formentera teasin all parisian people:Sea sun & rest

i was dying to post on his wall

Old Chap, it all happen in ibz right now? too old? after partying 4-5 big nights in ibiza? :lol:
Need sauna? massage? :rolleyes:
Catch me if u can :cool: on the videos n in Ibz ;) (brazil, usa,uk, netherland portuguese in the group, some russian girl should join me :) for Solomun at Destino )
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i got some dj to support, especially those that give you free guestlist :D
Askin free gueslist is a thing but , supporting them too :p
Because on low budget i only drink coffees & sparkling water there , last time, aug i saw an ibz spotlight from the group but keen on EDM,by chance as he saw my fb post that i was at beach house,& text me if i were in Beachhouse , he was there with mates too, the dj i fllowed was not there even written on his page...

ps:Never enter parking opened when u see the pattern not allowed to non customers, i went into and door shut once i get in :lol: i lost 40mn to find ushuaia hotel staff that can open the door
when entering ushuaia hotel , u can feel there is a lot of money all around :D, lot of rich hot girls :spank:, yummy food smell & lot of champagne all around... i miss my usa mate that House in Ushuaia club suite :lol:
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See you there ;)
Aall House Music are not well advertised here u have to look for the information :D

u got this too , ibiza pionneers



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didnt want to create a topic and put it there

just seen a comment from a girl that Pete Tong Destino early august was a scam in Destino fb page

im glad to foresee it 70€, standing to attend to a gig :rolleyes: while u can see Pete Free at Blue Marlin or iumag event

Thanks god i didnt follow a mate that beg me to go with him & his mates(4girls squad)

Awful and pretentious. I haven't stayed at the hotel and can honestly say I would never want to.

Our unfortunate visit was the day after our wedding in Ibiza and we were really looking forward to it. It was the Pete Tong event which was billed as a 5pm entry - we understand that this doesn't mean that the orchestra would be starting at this time but we didn't expect a CD from the Pacha shop to be played until gone half 10 - all whilst having to stand up in the blazing sun with no shade (chairs and shade are only allowed for paying guests), however they were so kind enough to give us a fan. At one point we were so fed up we thought we'd see if we could book in at the ironically named Modest restaurant but we were told only guests could have tables.

You did also need to be careful along the paths not to be run over by golf carts either escorting able bodied lazy bastards that couldn't be arsed to walk to their rooms or people wanting champagne delivered to their room - I am in no doubt they wouldn't know the difference between Tesco sparkling wine and Dom Perignon.

When the orchestra finally started after a dire 4 hour wait, the speakers failed in one section so it couldn't even be heard properly and then people started leaving - us amongst them.

It charges club prices for drinks but minus the entertainment. All in all, wasted €299 for 2 of us (out of a total group of 6) - broken down this includes the tickets at €70 tickets, €80 return taxi, €17 gin and tonic, €13 warm beer, €9 warm water and €20 x 2 hot dog meal deal (hotdog, potatoes and warm corona).

On a side note, are free ponchos offered for guests? They are and never will be 'cool'. Money certainly doesn't buy class or taste.

Always Follow the captain :D

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sept 28th

anyone know if after paradise took place at blue marlin each two weeks as year 2016? thursday afternoon.it may challenge this event if it stil lhappen at BMI

ps:eek:nce in ibz i wont have time to check this board as i used to do, a lot when not in ibz, Spot me there, u got my insta on signature...No hard feelings if i dont answer, i got dozens of contacts to manage :eek:
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last boy and girl added, not from this board
Blond girl from the east (now i let people comes to me :cool:, cant believe some girl next door here turns me back when i was just tryin to help :rolleyes:, Now foxy girls are very willing to meet the pirate :D as they know I KNOW :p) having a room to share and i just reply i wont plan to sleep (maybe a bad idea?:spank:)until tuesday night unless u stretch ur ibz until oct 2 as leaving sept 30th
looks like all people leave ibz end sept

if any bloke have a spare room for young french bloke bound to Techno music (free guestlist, backstage & maybe private after party) , send PM, as this bloke is a gold for any techno bloke & looking for roomate with cheap price.


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i wish i were in ibz now, as this girl is gold,bound to nightlife, djs, free guestlist, vip access/drink and of course to the cool bloke :D that will hang with her :p and she is rock :eek: the Pirate is 200% rock :D
Looks like i have to give more than free rides to balance the deal :lol: