Ibz20: July 22th-Aug 5th + sept 23th-Oct 13th shorten to 6th?


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quiet close ..:D ex girfriend of lead singer , from a very very famous uk 90 of rock band but i have gossip too much ..
No pics
what happens in ibz stays in ibz :lol:
i like this kind of girl that can put u on vip so u dont need to spread money on booze like all roosters in clubs :lol:
Wild thing, i think i love you :oops:
i think this slovenian girl really got me :cool:
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yes the girl was in vip in bmi yesterday , my unique chance to get in :cry:

just back from Danny Tennaglia Concrete, Paris and sorting free gueslist to mates in ibiz on the way to office with lack of sleep

A worker needing a free gl for cocoon , ive asked but no gl from a hot bird bound to Sven, ive asked rigt away to a french, working for Techo mag too, i guess its dead when he is not in ibz,along chatting , she told me a got Free GL for a party on tuesday availabe b4 2h00 and i was textin right away to the whatsapp, who is in for this free glist on tuesday? (can't tell, im a slefish prick @WuWei ;))

i got free glist for paradise closing from someone here, not to boast from myself, but ive answered u r my guest for any restaurant in ibiz not posh one :lol:, at least Drinks on my House if we meet Dc10, just to make aware people its a win to win situation,if u don't agree, dont come with Pirate ibiza trip ;) and give more info about u in order for me beeing willing to add u on my rides
People can't foresee its a lot of time spent to have Free guestlist on internet and real life too, doing favors to some people that did u favor & so on...

Can't f***in wait, The Boys r back in town :cool: Le'ts RIDE!!!
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hi,in ibiza from 2nd to 7 oct ...1st time in ibiza coming from india..donno bout shitt what will i do..:0 there.....staying at jet playa d'en bossa...hope to recognise and see you around captain:)..cheers!!
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Pirate ibz ride is always a good answer :D

Who said? never plan ibiz? :rolleyes: if ur plan is to crawl in bars, i can understand :lol:

I just get the information i will be at elrow private party :cool: & Mosaic private (i dont think i will go at their closing as it was boring last year with Dj koze Maceo isnt it @kfir m (u gonna miss mosaic after again & some other private afterparty too, not the year to miss the closing in biz :D) ,as Heart Factory, the House Music party should be 1 billion better :lol:) , see u there for the lucky one :p

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ibiza sensationS ocean beach to see friends in da house 5 7 8pm
then straight to dc10, masters at work, jesse calosso, seen ims, miss through other parties
solomun free in the harbor, r u kidiin?,:D

Take this!

18:00-19:30: Jesse Calosso
19:30-21:00: Jamie Jones
21:00-23:00: Masters At Work

23:00-01:30: Patrick Topping b2b wAFF
01:30-03:00: DJ Steve Lawler
03:00-04:30: Nicole Moudaber
04:30-07:00: Jamie Jones

Main Room
22:00-00:00: Detlef
00:00-02:00: catz n dogz
02:00-03:30: Sasha
03:30-05:30: Maceo Plex
05:30-07:00: Richy Ahmed b2b Mark Jenkyns

CAN T WAIT TO SEE THE SMILE OF kENNY & lOUIe WHEN SEEing the pirate, from djoon club to ims dalt villa, pacha ...

when seein pic of a girl , woman, from the group in a pacha sofa last night, i got this in minds


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Well look who I bumped into this morning
Minds shit and with earplugs I had no clues about ur pseudo,now I get it
Always cool to have some mates at a party as it was rammy the morning at privilege closing..i nearly pass out 2 times because of lack of sleep,No time to go to buy water as Privilege was rammy as hell such as Dc10 after midnight Terrace and Nina Kravitz boring music ..they wanted to trick me as I was in trustful guestlist free then 30€ after 1an that work Aug for all resistance party..p I don't see u 70€ please or check art is glist..i forgot to tell I was on other glist 40€ and came back form artist guestlist
I paid 50€ and didn't regret it for morning session..

For Paradise I was on guestlist without confirmation but they didnt check as staff r cool with the pirate
I had some people I never met from my WhatsApp group,can only follow their fb..
Meet up done at glitterbox..me and 3 mates..same issue happened for guestlist,I was on 2..ive gave one to anyone from the group..they finally let me in without paying
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Captain Pirate or Napoleon the new name advised by my new ibz friend is taking ibz
E.g. Hyte after party is only free for pool party how but from 9pm in club room of Hotel pikes it requires wristbands(silver pink) or name on list
My new friend put my name on the list through his wide connexion.
No solomun destino I guess n more n more free parties