Ibz20: July 22th-Aug 5th + Closing:sept 23th-Oct 13th


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Hibernation mode ( will do Fusion 's (ibz vet from israel for newbies members) way , get a rest from here (until july 😬 in order to recruit some more ravers to my whatsappgroup 30+ people with 15 former mates..)
See u in Ibz july 29th aug 12th☀💥🔥
closing sept 23th Oct 13th🆒

Maybe it will be the year of the stetson hat?swapping ☠ to cowboy one 🤣
letting my hair grow as the good old time of vmv
where 's is Angelina jolie 🤔
see the cross eyes Pirates sitting, perched in the sun ..☠
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Hello! Goodbye

Ibiza 20 booked, a cure to cold winter those last days

summer from july 22th aug 5th: Plane and location booked San an west end
New challenge: ibz the chillout/hippy way
For the first time since ages(2013) ive took location along summer:eek:, yeah im getting old, i need a bed to rest 🤣 (i'm homeless 3 1rst days, i guess i could survive ☠ 🤣)
No parties on minds just enjoying free stuff as the sun 😬, maybe Glitterbox?and all classic daytime parties such ibz rocks , obeach, zoo project ..
i ll avoid blue marlin ,they put too much techno djs upon my taste :rolleyes: unless some djs i follow on lineup.

Closing sept23th oct 13th:plane and location booked , San An around Ibz rocks
some few closing parties on minds Already got the Odyssey Ushuaia Hi pass, Glitterbox closing
won't say no for a few parties but less than ibz closing 19 for sure
See u amnesia midday ☠☠☠
Entering amnesia with 2 uk spotlight mates and quiet solo after 8h00am :(, it doesnt prevent me from having fun 🆒

ps:still have gingers from closing from the only bag (i used to buy a bag each 3 days)i bought as i didnt go out each afternoon/night as b4...times are changing

See u there!


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For closing, for sure save money and book closing if u want to experience party until midday .
Maybe last dances ..ibz21 may be the "f*** the party" way" 👴 🤣

can't believe an IG girl i met paradise closing 17 was along amnesia closing and write on my IG post she didnt saw me 😬 (saw her benimussa park)
she may left the club b4 7am , otherwise i wont say No to IG girls company on dancefloor , it helps to be awake 😇