Ibz20: July 21th-Aug 5th + Closing:sept 23th-Oct 13th


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Hibernation mode ( will do Fusion 's (ibz vet from israel for newbies members) way , get a rest from here (until july ? in order to recruit some more ravers to my whatsappgroup 30+ people with 15 former mates..)
See u in Ibz july 29th aug 12th☀??
closing sept 23th Oct 13th?

Maybe it will be the year of the stetson hat?swapping ☠ to cowboy one ?
letting my hair grow as the good old time of vmv
where 's is Angelina jolie ?
see the cross eyes Pirates sitting, perched in the sun ..☠
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Hello! Goodbye

Ibiza 20 booked, a cure to cold winter those last days

summer from july 21th aug 5th: Plane and location booked San an west end
New challenge: ibz the chillout/hippy way
For the first time since ages(2013) ive took location along summer:eek:, yeah im getting old, i need a bed to rest 🤣
No parties on minds just enjoying free stuff as the sun 😬, maybe Glitterbox?and all classic daytime parties such ibz rocks , obeach, zoo project ..
i ll avoid blue marlin ,they put too much techno djs upon my taste :rolleyes: unless some djs i follow on lineup.

Closing sept23th oct 13th:plane and location booked , San An around Ibz rocks
some few closing parties on minds Already got the Odyssey Ushuaia Hi pass, Glitterbox closing
won't say no for a few parties but less than ibz closing 19 for sure
See u amnesia midday ☠☠☠
Entering amnesia with 2 uk spotlight mates and quiet solo after 8h00am :(, it doesnt prevent me from having fun 🆒

ps:still have gingers from closing from the only bag (i used to buy a bag each 3 days)i bought as i didnt go out each afternoon/night as b4...times are changing

See u there!
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For closing, for sure save money and book closing if u want to experience party until midday .
Maybe last dances ..ibz21 may be the "f*** the party" way" ? ?

can't believe an IG girl i met paradise closing 17 was along amnesia closing and write on my IG post she didnt saw me ? (saw her benimussa park)
she may left the club b4 7am , otherwise i wont say No to IG girls company on dancefloor , it helps to be awake ?


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Transavia changed the schedule of my planes, i cant afford 1 more day in ibz (11 spent from my 25+ holidays counter , 10 was planned ) saving lefting days for closing, i ask refund, so i wont spread the 22july flight i didnt plan to take (long story ,forgetting to put hours for car pickup , renting car allow 5 hours max for delay ,after, ur booking is cancelled lost, so i ve bought other single plane for july 21th in order not to have my car renting cancelled)
Thanks God, flight is the cheapest with vueling along my dates (34€x2 without extra luggage (without drums 😩))

Never book renting car so far (8 months, 2-3 should be fine) as if plane scheduling change u may be screwed.

July 21th without a car, landing midnight it may be a night at Hi (bodywork) or Heart(Louie Vega party) (after dropping luggage at a place in pdb near Dune bar, that keep ur luggage for a few €) in order to kill times b4 picking the car july 22th 10h00am

i can foresee the pain to take bus from ibz airport to pdb around midnight if there will be some..

Summer! Hurry up, can't wait to wear those sparkling shades 👽 upon purple light. 🤣 my only purchase for ibz20 & some ☠ stickers ive made for homemade tshirt :cool:

for now only me + 2 Uk spotlights , i'll plan to make a whatsapp group around july for july 21th to aug 10th as mates will still be there after ill leave ibiza (
i guess summer canadian mate Luke (already 3 summers together) will confirm soon or sooner his booking
On minds 4 people housing in san an, 3 in Westend, 1 in the bay



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Hibernation mode , i hate the snow.
Working HARD! 🤓... I ll play hard in ibz, i can foresee smiles as my definition of playing hard is not really same as average people 🤣
i could go to sunny places (Defected Croatia in Winter (than summer) may be a good idea but i haven't seen events with lot of House along Winter) but i dont like to go to places where i dont know anyone, in ibz another story ☠
i've seen videos of tulum with solomun TOU, and Damian Lazarus a dj i had on my black dj list, some colleague been to thailand(my only last parisian mate keep on begging me to follow him to thailand along end sept but its ibz closing time, i hope to see him back to ibz, an old ibz vet that havent been there since a decade at least )..
it's nothing or IBIZA.

For summer 2020 whatsappgroup have been created with 8 guys at all (july 12th to aug 10th), people i ve already met in ibz, along to 1 to 5 trips
For closing 2020, whatsappgroup with 6 people from sept 23th to oct 18th created

Fell free to send a pm , with name, country location in ibz and other info if any parties planned, ill send u those links n lets talk about ibz in order to ease the pain of the counting 😄

Beside those whatsappgroup, still have dozen of mates that have their pack and i may met by chance in ibz
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Setting up ibz20 trip in buying 3 early bird Defected tix, 3x20€ (2 for summer 1 for closing, with defected official , u got 2£ commission , the reason i dont like to buy with UK partners, always extra fees) n 3 early bird elrow tix 50€ ((2 for summer 1 for closing) ) last weekend.
For those that never use spotlight tix, very easy to cancel Day -1, money straight back to your bank account if u cancel.

Won't do 2 elrow along summer20, 1 max or ZERO, for Defected, maybe 2 in a row? depend on lineup djs

Got for now 24 pre paid tix for someone that really dont plan to party for Ibiza 20 🤣 along my 35days there. still amnesia and Dc10 closing tix and i will be ready for ibz20.

some prepaid tix are the answer to lower ur budget.

still hesitating for Paradise closing early bird tix, as if it end midday(looks like upon last news about san an annoucements), 100% ill go , if early bird , still there next month, i 'll buy it. No paradise for sure outside closing, not enough fan of djs on those lineup.

i ve said i wont got back to Ants (haven't been ibz19) party but looks like Erick Morillo is a resident of Ants so following his session in Printworks london yesterday , never say NEVER 😬
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Paradise closing early bird paid a few mn ago :cool: , i don't know the pseudo of the techno irish bloke name Steven, from here but this tix may be yours or other tix as i never forget people that offered me a tix.
Give a shout through whatsapp along closing and ill be please to buy u a tix .

Same apply for the usa bloke that gave me his amnesia closing vip tix as he couldnt make it at 8am, if back along closing , give a shout too

Same for a UK mate that gave his solomon Destino closing tix as he couldnt make it, i'll give u a tix for summer and free ride from ibz airport to San an on ur 1rst day

i ve listened to the last Bedouin mix for bbc1 :eek: , far from my definition of trancy nomad House, a NO GO for sure at Pacha , better staying in a westend bar than this 🤣 (Never like their set i ve attended, Paris, Heart,Ushuaia, IMS Dalt Vila, Hi ibz, Dc10 )
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