Ibz18 with the Captain May 25th May 29th

Discussion in 'Meet Me in Ibiza' started by FallenangelGparsons, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Quality..night :)
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  2. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    the problem is I think FGP needs to learn a thing or two about self-awareness (of which he currently has none)
    ie realising when the joke's on you. I spent much of 2005-12 writing absolute shit on the internet because I was continually smashed out of my mind but I'm not sure what his excuse is! initially his schtik was funny but now he's allowed his 'celebrity' to go to his head and in a way we're complicit because we fed his ego. But that's no excuse for being a total tit.
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  3. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    no, i really think about peaceful ibz trip, but only when i can't fell my legs anymore :lol:
    or with a friend and her 4 year kid :p

    but as a single i want the wild stuff in ibiza (but without drugs as 99% of you :spank: no need to tell I know you DO :D)

    Again sorry for u all 30's 40's 50's if u lost ur youth :D even the supplies didnt help :lol:

    To be back to topic (please ;), i will be very picky about mates and wont create whatasapp group anymore, Hang with the captain if u are willing otherwise don't.
    Deep pockets :mad: dont get in touch please go to to west end if u want ibz on a shoestring

    some precious valuable time lost in ibiza again :rolleyes: its better when im alone and meet people at te party beach bar..
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  4. ibizageeer69

    ibizageeer69 Active Member

  5. ibizageeer69

    ibizageeer69 Active Member

    glad I'm not the only one who is starting to tire of gp's increasing sense of self importance , cheers kim wrong un!
  6. perrylgooner

    perrylgooner Active Member

    I'll be honest I find @FallenangelGparsons and he's antics highly amusing - I don't think he means any malice by it and he certainly keeps this forum lively :lol:
  7. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Me & my Ego, r u kindding , all 90% of people on my contacts have ego issue, not me..
    i'm just teasing people, u cant really judge people without seeing them in real and for now all that met were pleased at 90%
    People that get bored of me should change their quantity of drugs or looking for other ones :lol: , just trying to help in order to be more cool :D
    i know i can't be love by all people here but i dont care i got more & more contacts from all around the world in order not to partying solo in a club the purpose of this post..too much interpretation, too much drogas in your brain? :spank::arrow::lol:
    Just chill out n enjoy these rock tunes that include subliminal messages, just for u :p

  8. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Dish the dirt on those wacky spotlight soloists Gp...:twisted:you must have met some right crackers this year..:)
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  9. elmooreo

    elmooreo Active Member

    GP can you tell us more about the Dutchman? Sounds like he's been a crucial figure to this trip?
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  10. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    yes this guy knows ibiza & all big organizers & he were on the whole at all afterparties and he always text me to find the after parties (location, organisers , people to get in touch if issues at dors & so on) with a level of humour u can't imagine, if i was a dumbass, why did this bloke get friendly with me?
    i will met more influent people ibz 18 as i spot some places to meet them, u always see same faces that goes to the afterparties, lot of italians, looks like there is a mafia that helps italian people than other :D

    those claiming friends didnt help me for afterparties even i sort them , not a big deal..im not on their top list of friends, i can understand but u wont find clean people having a car that can drive you from spot to spot unless having lot of money to pay taxis :cool:
    With drug side effect, a friendly mate, often forget a lot of things :D and can make u delays: lessons learned from closing 17

    i get in touch with a lady bounded to solomun=> solomun free glist and after party for ibz 18? i wish :lol:
  11. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    you occasionally make me laugh and shouldn't be taken too seriously but the wackiness does sometimes mask an arrogant streak, as illustrated in those posts earlier

    horses for courses, I guess - it certainly divides the forum!
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  12. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka Well-Known Member

    Maybe next year someone could follow GP around with a video camera? I'm sure that would make a great documentary. :twisted:
  13. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Some member here made a video without asking at Benimussa Park ,too shy to say Hello?:rolleyes:
    It's all about filming?:lol: if u read me, u loose all credibility and I can understand why some Hates you here..
  14. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    come on, now you suddenly complain about being ’famous‘ ? get a grip man, it‘s what you very obviously wanted
  15. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Some real Swiss raver on my fb contacts and I never seen her in real ,just tag me sayin I didn't see u but u are on my video Coccon Closing Madonna La Isla bonita:D

    I don't complain about being filmed just the weird .fact not saying Hello when meeting someone u know from this board as many went to say hello and it was a nice feeling even I never heard about them .:cool:
    E.g. one met in front of Prince cafe bar that buy me beer as they order too much ,my 1rst beer since years :lol:
    I made them a free ride to destino as they thought there was an after party..
    The friend of this bloke close firend to Satori,I picked him Cocoon amnesia figueretas and saw him many time by chance in clubs cocoon km5 heart closing..usa bloke loving his beer and totally wasted:D I sold my usb key 11mixes 30€ instead of 50€ he asked 20€ first :rolleyes: ..i should make him pay taxi fare in order to get back my 20€ from the key I bought to Rodspin..he fell in love with Rodspin music..
  16. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    I think Fg has the spirt a lot have lost when coming to Ibiza ,,
    He is here to party , the obsession with the afterpartys is clear but I think he wants to meet the djs more then be seen there ,,
    The afters ain't all that !!
    Also a lot of people in Ibiza are absolute arsholes that think only of themselves,, if you offer them a ride don't expect nothing back ,, 1 thing I've learned is it don't matter what party you are at it who you are with that makes the party ..

    I kida think that's why he sets up the meets , to get a crew together.
  17. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    parisian black mate (met by chance august at comida san juan) that know contacts for after parties but never put me on list for after parties but was always willing for free rides until i say, rides r not free baby then she get less friendly :D but always cool to meet her.
    her & other french ruin my day, for mosaic after party :mad:, can still be friends, forgive people but i cant remember :lol:
    then piss me off with her dress left in my toot and make me loosing 3hours for Dc10 closing :mad:

    if i dont meet again, not a big deal
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  18. Moha

    Moha Active Member

    Funny, you are going to this, Gp!

  19. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Not Dj Paris Hilton,its Hilton hotel Paris:confused:
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  20. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    the organizer is a friend (i'll go to his party on friday with 2 djs i like very much house classics), i dont go out, along day of the week but i got this day, a company afterwork "i love my company" :D what a joke :lol:give me some raise muthaf***ers, from 7 to 9pm, i go only for free booze & food as i dont give a shit about these f***ing white collar hypocrytes ,claiming i love my company :spank:, still waiting for my answer for a raise i asked 1 month ago..& as in Paris, i was curious to hit this spot and face posh girls in order to test Captain pirate side effect :D

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