Ibz Summer 19: Aug ? Closing?

Discussion in 'Meet me in Ibiza' started by FallenangelGparsons, Aug 18, 2017.

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    there is a pic on insta from the girl on the back with face but the rear view is better :D

    cocoon closing cost me more than planned , i ve received yesterday a 100€ fine (95km/h instead 80) from oct 4th 8h10 am..Pacha -> san an
    i paid it 50€ (50% discount if paid in 20days), 50€ less for kids X-mas :mad:

    goldcar still didnt answer me, the trick is that for a little bump
    727€ is quiet a scam, insurance may only refund 427€ for now with the documents they send
    i forgot to mention they charged me 4€ for oil with 18€ for manpower, i should not bring ita mate @nicco mate from oil station an jordi to sa trinxa
    53€ for administrative task

    2 lines in the documents i ve signed

    4 lines in the bill, the UK insurance wants to know what is those 2 extra lines inclusind clean...

    Still waiting money from Record go as promised 280€

    IBIZA, u feuck me enough MONEY since decades , a change gonna comme next year :D
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    Cars and Girls / The Sprouts ? You know this ? These idiots thought its in Monaco. Look at the well known club KU. I was there ... Old mother ....

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    I 'm a Rock bible just saying :D

    from oct 4th to oct 16th still 12 days, i hope no more fine :mad:
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    with all due respect Captain you should really use taxis, safer for everyone yea? and probably cheaper, i drive 7 days a week and never had your amount of claims, of course it wouldn't be tiredness would it ???
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    In Paris my last fine was at least 3 years ago, I'm very watchful with the driving, more in Ibiza.
    Last time i paid a taxi in ibz was year 2001..
    Very VERY back luck this year in ibz with all those renting cars stories , i may be cursed , add my favourite sparkling green ACS earplugs (180€) i may drop of the car :cry: , at least 'im Alive :D
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    Ibz 18 holidays still on my minds, even i'm trying to get out ibz out of my minds until Aug...:D

    July aug 18:
    Record Go finally send me pdf that show ill get the refunds as promised :)

    8€ because they charge me too much for the dirt
    38€ for annoyment for giving old cars as replacement cars
    218€ for the fact that my card is a credit card and , no reason to impose me Full insurance

    Closing 18 :looks like i will loose 400€ :mad: as Goldcar don"t want to explain the 2 other lines , saying thay charge me more than whats is written on the form ive autographed..and the UK insurance may refund me only 300€ from 700€
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    Stop talkin about money n lets talk about music

    one of the best party ive attended ibz closing 18: zoo project closing in the rabbit hole room from 11pm to 4h00am

    it's not all about big names , i rank solomun afterparty oct 16th , not along my best 20 parties along ibiza18 :D


    ps:it's not because the djs are french, but he put many darbuka samples on his mix :cool:
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    solomun pacha closing still on my mind!
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    sure, 2 free solomun closing tshirts :cool: i wish i had them (in order to sell them :lol:, no enough fan to wear this, no offense)

    2018 ive succeeded to cure my tobacco addiction except ibz opening: 4 cigarettes as too stressed because of car picking delay and bloody scratch in in right foot, add some cramps 1rst day :D

    2019:arrow: ibiza addiction to cure meaning: 1 time ibiza (Closing) should be enough so , no offense if august is not planning (we ll see with the flow):p and less LESS parties, i'm done with the parties, just looking for a place with SUN.Just around the corner or Ibiza?

    Ibiza the "Pirate/Hippy" way :cool: after the "spartan" way o_O (i can't deal with that shit anymore such only 21hours sleeping along ibz closing 17 ,18 days?, i need my 6/8 hours sleeping day, Now :oops:) .
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    He's back... oh no....:) happy New year gp..
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    yeah i was on diet of social networking..No more FB/insta posts :D

    Happy new year 2019 to u , guyz.

    i used to be excited about 1rst day of each year as ibz openings was closer but now i really don't give a shit :lol:

    No more Techno parties for sure:u won't see me again at Cocoon/Resistance/Afterlife/Solomun parties, a few FEW exceptions for House parties.

    Just, don't abuse from Ibz parties or u'll get bored as me :lol: since a few weeks :p (the reason u won't see me posting here )
    [edit]=> Farewell songs to parties (but not to ibz :D)

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