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Myself and a few friends are heading over to Ibiza on the 1st of August and are staying in the Ibizamar Apartments in San Antonio Bay. We were really looking forward to the holiday until we checked some online reviews of the complex. We knew that it wouldn't be anywhere near a 5 star hotel considering the money we paid but were shocked by the amount of reviews that reported break ins and thieving, whats worse is it seems that the house cleaning staff are in on the scam and the managment dont give a ****. I know there will be a stafey deposit box but it seeems that not even this is can prevent valuables being stolen as one review suggested the safe had been opened with another key and cleaned out!!

If any you guys have stayed at the Ibizamar apartments this season I would be grateful if you could share you experiences so I can get a grasp of how bad this problem is. As i say I dont really mind if the place is a **** tip but this buisness regarding sticky fingers is a bit of a put off.

well not sure about sticky fingers.but i stayed there one night years ago.and i must say the rooms were very nice.bit compacted.air/con.but really fine just to rest and wash.if there is a problem with sticky fingers.just don;t leave things lying about on show.if you do get a problem.get the police in and and ask to see the hotels report book.so you can report the hotel to a higher level.each hotel must have a report book.
stayed there a couple of years ago, never had a problem with thieving although the place was a dive, poor hygiene no cleaning or little of it etc. overall not too bad but wouldnt go back due to noise etc
bad news

hate to be the bearer of bad news , in the past I would have said no problem has friends and family they stayed there many times and enjoyed it , but in the last few weeks many of my clients who have been staying in that hotel have had things stolen ....."they said they believed it be inside job as no sign of forced entry" and the reception wouldnt call police....at least 10 rooms were done on the same night I believe it was tuesday 14th july ...
Wow! 10 rooms in one night! Thats worse than I thought it would be to be honest. Cheers for the heads up Suepink, although im starting to feel sorry I asked :cry:. Do you think its too late to ask our tour operator to change the accomodation? Dont want to go to the lenghts of leaving one of the lads in the room every night, cricket bat in hand lol.

Anyone else had any problems with these apartments this season?
We (4 lads) stayed in the Ibizamar the first year we went, had no complaints really, its a party hotel designed for the 18-25 year olds, very noisy etc.
The best thing about it is the 24 hour spar below it which sells cheap booze etc
In terms of theft etc, we heard a few things while we were there but never suffered ourselves, found the hotel staff (Barring the maids who were complete nobs) to be fine.
Dont worry about things, make sure all your expensive stuff is kept in the deposit box and im sure you'll have no problems.
I stayed at the Ibizamar with 3 friends at the beginning of May this year. We had no problems at all, we really enjoyed staying there, everyone was really nice. I would suggest you get a safe and when you go out make sure your balcony door is locked, because people can climb over the balcony to the next ones.

It was in a good location, and there was a spar at the front of the hotel that had everything you need, it closed at about 3 am, but we were there at the beginning of the season.

Hope you have a good holiday.
I have stayed there 4 times over the last 3 years. Never had a problem. Yes our rooms were not cleaned once this year or new towels and bog roll but we just purchased them from the 24 hours spar right next to the hotel for a couple of euros. As long as your don't throw sh*t off the balcony you won't have any trouble with the management.

Air Con is also free which is a bonus!

The hotel however now asks for 50 euros on checking-in as a deposit which you get back when you leave if you behave yourselves.
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heya, i just saw this post and had to reply. I was staying in one of the rooms that got broken into on the 14th july. It was while we were out on our first night and we had 1,200 euros taken altogether.


when we went to reception the staff were defensive and aggressive. One of the men at one point stormed towards my freind as if he was about to hit her, and he kept referring to us as 'bitches' in spanish. When we asked his name to complain he refused to give it to us and took his bag and left the hotel. we are almost certain the the hotel staff were behind the brake in and we met other people who felt the same.

for the rest of the holiday we felt really uneasy leaving our rooms although we had an amazing time in ibiza and the beach in san antonio bay was wicked. There are plenty of other hotels in the bay which seem lovely. if you can't move your booking get a safe and put anything in it. (don't loose the key or they will charge you 40 euros) Be extra cautious at all times.

have a wicked holiday!!
Well im surprised because i stayed there last year with 11 other blokes all 21 and it was wicked,, loved it.

Loud sick house beats all day, rooms wernt bad with air con and nice bathrooms.

The owner (Rolph) lol was nice bloke after he had told us off 4 bringing beer up to the pool from the cheap spar 10 seconds away..

The pool wernt bad, nice and deep and little shallow bit too for chillaxing.

As for theifs? im not sure as there was nothing stolen from us?
just make sure u get a safe and put all belongings in there.

The only down side is that its a 10 min walk from the strip and nightlife so ur be getting a few cabs now n then as its long walking there and back everyday in the heat etc.

But i think its nice and even recommended my gf there with her friends this year? hopefully it will be ok.

Have a good 1

Cannnnnnnnt wait til closing partyyyyys 10 days of hevvvon:)
Cheers for the helpful advice and sharing your experiences people it's much appreciated! It looks like we're going to take our chances and stay in the Ibizamar this year but we're gona be taking a lot more precautions than usual. The safe is a must by the sounds of it and we'll be sure to stay on the good side of the management. That could be tricky considering this is a party hotel but im sure we can restrain ourselves from launching house hold appliances off of the balcony lol, never really seen the thrill in that to be honest.

Sorry to hear about your experince at the Ibziamar stephrev that sounds like the worst case scenario, on your first night aswel! Glad you still had a great time though despite this. Just hoping we don't have to deal with that situation.

Thanks again people!